Video Marketing for Schools

The Bedford Montessori School contacted the producers at Skillman Video Group to produce a short web marketing video to raise awareness and increase new student enrollment. Montessori schools have a unique method for early education that allows students to direct their own learning through practical, one-on-one lessons and group activities. Many parents may not know this education philosophy and approach exists or fully understand how the approach may benefit to their child. The method is difficult to describe, but immediately understood when seen. This is what makes a marketing video so effective: you can use visuals to quickly show, not just tell, how your approach works. Video allows prospective students to see and experience what attending your school would be like.

Skillman Video Group produced three videos for the school: one for general marketing and two videos of parent testimonials. Our videos combined parent and teacher testimonials with footage of learning activities to illustrate the Montessori method. This video is the perfect example of our video-mercial approach — videos that are longer than the standard :30 second TV Commercial, but shorter than a full web marketing video. The short format encourages parents and students to investigate the Bedford Montessori School further.

SVG worked with the school to develop a convincing, appropriate script and coached the parents through their interviews. The visuals, script, and testimonials in the video present the benefits of the school beyond what a webpage could do alone.

If your school has a unique approach to education they would like to share with parents through an education marketing video, give Skillman Video Group a call. We can help you use social video to support your current outreach and development efforts.