Video Marketing Service

Using video to market a company’s product is a growing trend, and for good reason. Millions of Internet users log onto websites such as to watch videos each day. Video marketing has several advantages over more traditional print, radio, or television marketing. A message can be conveyed much more easily when viewers can both see your face and hear what you have to say. Customers are more likely to feel an emotional and personal connection with someone that is speaking directly to them, unlike the more impersonal print or radio ad. Also, unlike television advertising, online video marketing is not forced upon viewers. People navigate to a website because they are interested in the product or service the business provides. When commercials are shown on television, many viewers simply change the channel. However, as a business owner, you can be sure that customers will be paying attention to your online video since they are watching it of their own volition.

Some companies have attempted to produce their own video content, but this has brought mixed results. Without the proper equipment or video production experience, your videos will simply not convey the high-quality image that you want your business to be associated with. Instead, the final product will look sloppy, and consumers may consider other options. If you want a video that accurately reflects your firm’s top-notch reputation, you must work with people who are experts in the fields of video production and Internet marketing.

If you are interested in utilizing video marketing for your business, Skillman Video Group can help you out each step of the way. SVG is a Boston-based firm that produces high-quality video content for businesses in New England and beyond. Along with video production, we provide search engine optimization and social media marketing services to form a complete package we like to refer to as social video marketing. We help our clients get more visitors to their websites, which of course leads to more customers and higher revenue. Call Skillman Video Group today to learn more about how we can help you!