Video Production for a Press Release

A press release is exciting for any company because it is an opportunity to inform your audience of new ideas, services, benefits, and more. More importantly, it is an opportunity to reach outside of your circles and draw in new crowds. But what makes a successful campaign? How do you garner attention from people who’ve never considered your company’s products or services? The answer is video marketing.

People all around the world are connecting more often and faster than ever before because we now have the ability to communicate across vast distances in real time. The ability to see the person you’re speaking to transcends the power of text by assigning a voice, a face, and a personality to the source. Of course, simply hitting record on a camera is not enough to guarantee a home run of a press release. The key to producing an effective video marketing campaign is hiring a professional videographer.

Why Hire a Professional Videographer?

There are many reasons why bringing an expert onto the team will optimize the efficiency of your press release. First, is the importance of pre-production. Any businessperson knows that having a plan is essential for any endeavor, but outsiders too commonly overlook the intricacies of video production. Do you have locations? Are those locations going to require permits? Will there be noise pollution to consider? What kind of lighting will be necessary? You might be surprised how much thought goes into lighting a set. While these details may seem extraneous or something that can be determined on the fly, it only takes one thing to go wrong for the entire production to be derailed.

If you’re not familiar with video production, you might be surprised to learn that setting up appropriate lighting, testing the sound, adjusting the camera, and preparing the actors can take an hour or even more before you’re ready to actual hit record. Inefficient scheduling can be the death of a shoot. Perhaps the actors need to leave at a certain time, or the location is only available for so long. If the sun is in the shot, lights might need to be changed again to accommodate the changing trajectory. Having a team that has encountered these specific issues plan your pre-production is the best way to avoid those problems and solve them if any arise on set.

Another reason to hire a professional video production company for your video press release is equipment management. Only experience can teach you the importance of a trained crew. Someone who has never held a boom before may not wrap the cord correctly which will absolutely ruin any sound they record. Renting a high quality camera will not guarantee that the ISO has been properly set. It might be on set that you realize you should’ve rented a light meter as well. If light stands are not built the right way or supported with sand bags, they may fall and damage the nice equipment you’ve rented, hurt someone, or even start a fire. Every crewmember has a story of someone who plugged in too many ARRI’s without calculating the power source and blew a fuse. Trusting a professional videographer to produce a high quality product, ensure the efficiency of a shoot, and oversee the safety of the team is the right decision for your video.

Hiring a Boston Video Production Company

A somewhat obvious reason to hire a Boston video production company is if you’re shooting… in Boston! SVG has worked with many out-of-state or international companies and helped them to choose locations that would best fit the feel of their video press release. Of course, non-Bostonians are
familiar with the Charles River, but will they know the most aesthetically pleasing spot on the esplanade to film on? Will they know what time of day is most flattering on the Prudential Center? Have they ever experience Red Sox traffic? “The Bean” is a beautiful town to shoot in, but having the insider scoop on the goings-on of the city will enhance the quality and the overall effect it leaves on your audience

So, What Will Your Video Press Release Look Like?

You’ve got the locations, the equipment, and the team. What are we shooting? Your audience needs to respond not only to what they’re seeing, but also what they’re hearing. Does your company have a story? Connecting with viewers on a human level, beyond the numbers, is essential to make your campaign successful. Go beyond the talking heads that appear on television commercials. This is your chance to show everyone not only the “what” of your company, but the “who.” Many of our clients will feature their CEOs and other leading representatives in their press releases to give the audience an opportunity to see who is making decisions and running the company. It’s as close as you could get to a meet and greet with thousands of people. Revealing the face of your company will establish feelings of trust with your demographic. IMG_9316

What is the story of your company? Everyone started small at some point. Even briefly recounting how your company’s perseverance and prowess enabled it to get where it is today will register credibility with the person speaking, especially if you are introducing new products, services, or platforms. It is a “we’ve done it before and we’re going to do it again” attitude that will motivate people to put money towards what you’re offering.

SVG has also had clients who featured various employees who did not necessarily make company wide decisions, but were the actual bodies carrying out the services. Meeting the people who do the job is another way of establishing trust and making a connection with your viewers.

Lights, Camera, Connection!

Your press release is a unique opportunity to exemplify who your company is and why consumers should rely on it. It’s more than just flashy deals, but a peak inside the business itself. Connecting with your audience is key to building a long-lasting relationship with them. Utilizing video marketing will significantly enhance your ability to do so.