Video Sitemaps

Video sitemaps provide Google and other search engines with data about all the video content on a particular website. Search engines have more difficulty crawling video content than they do plain text or images, so a video sitemap is the best way to make sure your videos can be found in search results. Site administrators can include information such as title, description, theme, running time, and intended audience. Additionally, administrators can choose the thumbnail image that will display in search results. This helps the search engines find and characterize the video content on a site, which should improve the listing of that site in video search results.

When a video encoded in an acceptable format is submitted using a sitemap, the included URLs for the videos are made searchable through Google, Yahoo, or Bing. When that video appears in the results, users will see a thumbnail image of the video content and related information, which is pulled from the sitemap. They are then directed to the original website for video playback. Most of the popular video formats are supported, but check Google’s documentation to be sure that your videos will be crawled.

If you submit a video sitemap to Google or the other major search engines, you’ll want to make sure the title and description of each video are highly relevant and contain the keywords you wish to target. By making your descriptions keyword rich, you will be able to secure a listing for relevant keywords, thereby sending targeted traffic to your site. Given the benefits of submitting a video sitemap, it is certainly worth taking the time and effort to accomplish the task.

Although creating a video sitemap is an easy process, many webmasters are not yet aware of its importance. Matt Cutts, chief engineer for Google, recently stated in an interview: “We are going to be more and more weight on video sitemaps going forward.” Take this opportunity to get ahead of the curve and get your videos found today! Contact Skillman Video Group for more information about video sitemaps, as well as additional video optimization tips from the experts!

Check out Google’s official documentation on video sitemaps, including more in-depth technical instructions, here: