Video Viral Marketing

Videos are said to have gone “viral” when they become popular through word-of-mouth promotion. As adweek explains, nowadays “the videos that draw in millions in a short time and just keep on growing—these are the videos that come to mind when we think of the term ‘viral video.'”  Viral videos often incorporate humor or shock value, but any type of video with mass appeal has the chance to go viral. Some viral videos are part of a company’s marketing strategy, while others are purely for entertainment purposes. Of course, every company would love for their marketing videos to go viral, as this generally leads to many new customers and a high return on investment.

Just take a lot at this Youtube video that includes the top 10 Viral Videos of all time.



What do they all have in common?  Honestly, not much.  Some are funny, some are emotional, some have people who don’t even know that they are being filmed.  The word-of-mouth was what really shot these films to fame.

With that being said, there are few more things you must understand about viral videos.


1.  Just because you make a video, it does not mean it will go viral.  

You cannot force people to watch or like your videos.  People are more adept than ever at seeing through a video that is just trying to rack up the view counts.  And that immediately turns people off.  It has to be unintentional.  That is why, when making a video, you need to make sure that it has purpose, a worthwhile story, and fits your brand.  If you want to make a video and hope for it to go viral, authenticity is key.

For example, people enjoy videos that look like they are shot by a peer on a cell phone and other styles of that nature. Think of even just a video that gets on America’s Funniest Home Videos – the videos look like they are a mistake and that it was just luck the camera was there to catch the moment.  Yet for all we know, they were filming all day until they finally got the shot they wanted.  In short, just because something looks a certain way, it does not mean that there was not a lot of time and hard work spent to give that video that certain look.

Therefore, Viral Videos take the same amount of expertise and effort as marketing or training or other types of video.  Lots of planning, storyboarding, and filming is involved to make a video a success.  Even something like the set dressing has to be thought of when making the video.


2. Videos are a great way to connect with your desired audience, so use Social Media and tagging to help gain traction.

Video uses visual and aural aids to connect with people.  With the right video, you can spread it around online and have a much better chance of having a potential client see your product.  With Social Media and sites like YouTube and Vimeo, videos pop up everywhere.  Therefore, make sure you choose wisely which channels you use to spread your video and remember to tag the appropriate search words so relevant people will have a better chance of seeing it.

While there is no guarantee that putting your video on a certain site will help it spread, it does not hurt to have it as many places online as possible.  You want people to have the chance to see it on any and all social media sites – the more places available, the better off the video.  Really, the goal is to have as many people view it, therefore all those locations will make it that much easier for people to find and watch the video.

Tagging is also very important because it will give the video a chance to pop up in searches.  That way, again, it gives the video more chance to be seen.  Keep in mind, though, to be honest and realistic about the tagging.  You should not put “dog” as a tag if their are no dogs involved. People do not like being lied to, it will immediately turn people off, and the video will get a bad name. Just stick to the tags that you think really fit the video and will allow people to easily find it.


3.  Focus on your story.

The art of storytelling has been around since the beginning of time.  People connect on a deeper level when they get the chance to learn and appreciate another’s story.  That is why it is important to keep your videos honest and relative to a story that you want to tell.  The story you put in the video will be what draws people in and gets new viewers after that.  It will be what keeps people coming back for more.

Remember: viral videos are a tricky business.  That is why Skillman Video Group is here to help.  A lot of elements are involved to make it happen and sometimes even with a lot of effort the videos fall flat.  But sometimes, the videos are a huge hit that no one saw coming.  The best that can be done is keeping the videos that are created honest to the brand and focused on just being videos.  A video that someone thinks they “discovered” or “stumbled upon” is much more intriguing than a video that so clearly wants to go viral.  So don’t focus the view count but the story you are telling.  As the way with viral videos – it happens when you least expect it.

Skillman Video Group can help your business write a script that will resonate with your target audience, and to shoot a video that has all the necessary elements of a viral video. Contact us today to learn more!