Viral SEO Video – Video Marketing and The SEO Guru

Have you ever had an experience with an SEO guru that left you feeling like they didn’t really care about you or your company? Instead, they cared only about  their own ideas and the sound of their own voice. Does your SEO consultant speak down to you and speak from on high? If your video marketing and SEO consultant refers to themselves as a guru and talks at you in riddles, then take a look at this video from Skillman Video Group.  You might get a chuckle.

The most successful SEO programs are those in which the client and consultant collaborate to achieve the best results possible for the client. Our thought process when making this viral SEO video was to show that SEO need not be confusing. We wanted to visually show that you can tell a story about your business and even make it a little funny. This is essentially what Social Video Marketing is all about. Telling the story of your business using video and SEO. It is about driving prospective customers to a video conversion point. The more impact the video has, the more people find you and better understand what it is your business does and offers.

We are hoping in that using a clever premise, and being a little silly, we can make a point. Sometimes a little risk is necessary to get a little reward. We hope the video might go viral and help spread the word about our exciting new video marketing service. If you like this video and think that your business could use a little video marketing contact us today. Skillman Video Group can create a viral video for you and set it into motion through social video marketing. Remember . . . the Second First Rule . . . Be Good!