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Editing is Everywhere

Editing for video is a lot like water for fishes. It’s always there, and it’s completely necessary; but, we are often completely unaware of its presence. Like the great anthropologist Ralph Linton once said, “The last thing a fish would notice would be the water.” Meaning, when something is so ubiquitous, we often take it for granted.

But, to the professional videographer, editor, filmmaker, or whatever role you can imagine, video editing needs to constantly be in the back of one’s mind to produce a successful video, and this is especially true with professional corporate video.

How Editing Shapes Our Work

For example, a few weeks ago we produced a short promotional video that my fellow intern, Damian, and I had been planning for about a month. I had written the script, crafted the shot-list, so I had a pretty good sense of how to edit the story together after the footage had been loaded into Avid Media Composer. But, just because a plan has been made does not mean that it’s the best plan to stick to.

If you were to compare the shot list to the most recent cut of the video, you’d notice that there are some radical differences. This is because editing isn’t simply a matter of stitching disparate clips together. Editing, professional video editing, requires an understanding of rhythm, movement, and a basic understanding of how the human eye reads images. Editing requires a certain type of intuition that allows the editor to instinctually feel when a cut works or when it falls flat.

Moving From Amateur to Professional

Editing is one of the many elements of successful corporate video that helps distinguish the amateurs from the professionals. If you want to produce content that’s worthy of your business’s reputation, then it’s best to hire a professional video editing business. Luckily, Skillman Video Group can help move your concept to content, even in the editing room.

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