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We’ve recently discussed the great variety of client types and video production shoots that Boston offers, but now Skillman Video Group is going to break down the essentials for any video marketing company in Boston. How do you take the reigns of such a vibrant city and use it to your advantage when launching a video marketing campaign? Sure, you can make an excellent video and hope that quality attracts an audience, but we’re here to give you some tips to ensure that your client’s videos reach the biggest audience.

Best Boston Video Marketing Company

There all kinds of clients from various industries and fields, each with their own distinct personalities. When brainstorming ideas for a promotional video campaign, be sure to think of ideas that will ultimately illustrate the brand or client’s unique characteristics. If a client takes pride in its Boston roots, use the city’s flair to your advantage, from the accent to beloved areas of the city.

Be aware that this doesn’t mean all client videos have to be “fun” per se. A Boston video production shoot could entail an informational project for a straight-arrow stock broker firm. In this case, the client doesn’t have a bubbly personality, and that’s completely fine.

Engage Audience with Video Marketing

Before any camera rolling or audio recording starts, a Boston video marketing company needs to understand the desired end goal of a client’s campaign, from start to finish. Is the client hoping to re-brand? If so, then there is a lot of artistic freedom for the production company because the client wants a new and fresh look to their consumers. If the client just needs to get information out, then maybe you should resist the urge to create the latest abstract concept film. This is not to say that creative reign is reduced by certain types of objectives, but rather, certain objectives require specific kinds of creativity when compared to other objectives.

Developing a Video Marketing Strategy

Regardless of the quality of a video, the effectiveness of its outreach is directly affected by whether or not a video marketing company chooses the most appropriate outlet for promotion. If the client is a hospital unveiling a new pediatric care center, perhaps you should avoid using Tumblr as a key social media outlet. In this example, a press release would likely be most appropriate, or even a Facebook announcement if the hospital has an active page.

When thinking of a relevant outlet, this point should not be confined to just social media; although, social media must definitely be woven into your idea. Especially for Boston, there are endless opportunities to partner with live events for brand promotion. Here’s a few examples of big events in Boston, all of which can present potential live event videography jobs:

1. Boston Calling

Boston Calling is an annual concert festival at the beginning and end of summer. Performers from various genres collide on multiple stages to give three days of live music.  A great way to do brand promotion is to pick a snappy hashtag and have it placed all around this live event. If you were promoting a video campaign for Oreo cookies, you could have something like #PatrioticCookie in time for July 4th and plaster the hashtag all across Boston Calling. Throw it on t-shirts, stage sponsor logos, stickers, etc., whatever makes it stick with those who see it. Boston Calling happens directly above the Government Center T-stop

2.  Scooper Bowl

Another huge event that is great to partner with is the Scooper Bowl, an annual fundraising event in the City Hall Plaza that is centered around ice cream. Multiple ice cream brands converge on the area and help to fund-raise for the cancer research-focused Jimmy Fund, via a one-time fee for all-you-can-eat ice cream. There are few ways to get better PR than being associated with cancer research fundraising and ice cream in the same day.

3. PAX East

The most famous video game convention on the East Coast happens in Boston every year: the Penny Arcade Expo. This convention is a celebration of anything and everything retro arcade, so there is a great chance to slip promotion into all the cool prizes and events of the convention. There are large tournaments toward the end of the convention that are always live-streamed, so this presents an opportunity for a video marketing company to break into the YouTube marketing community.

4. Campus Reps

Use colleges and universities to your advantage. All top-tier colleges across the city have career-building programs that connect their students with representatives of various companies. If looking for potential new employees or interns, this is a great place to start, but there is also plenty of opportunity to do video marketing. Usually, this can be done via brand representatives. These are handpicked students that a company chooses to essentially be self-sufficient marketers on their campuses. Red Bull, Monster Energy Drinks, etc. have taken a liking to this tactic, as it seems to be more suited to video marketing campaigns around an actual product, rather than a service.