Video Marketing Storytelling

What is Video Storytelling

The art of storytelling has been part of the way thoughts, ideas, and moments in history have been passed down through generations. The desire to hear stories continue to grow as the decade’s pass and telling these stories is half the fun. One of the biggest challenges with todays Internet and social media usage is to properly convey your story to make it stand out above all the others. There is so much content on the web that people can get distracted by meaningless stories and lose the quality material that is out there. Not only is it important to tell these stories and stand out in a network of millions of other ones, but also it is vital to have your message be remembered. Video production services can have major influences and benefits for people who desire a well-crafted way to express their story. As a Boston video production company, Skillman Video Group has prided  ourselves on making sure each client has their individual story conveyed in a professional and memorable fashion. There are a few ways to help tell a companies story and as a Boston video company, SVG knows what is best for the market.

Video Storytelling Tips

Every business has a founder that has a story that exemplifies and embodies the very essence of its existence. This story can be properly produced into a masterful work of “art” all thanks to the craft of storytelling. Video production is an amazing form of expression that really can create an artful way to show the public what your company is and why it is so successful today. Businesses are realizing that video is a great form of media that can influence many third party citizens and increase the understanding of what makes your company tic. The standard bullet point presentations and cliché statements don’t get the job done in this fast paced world anymore. People want to see who you are, hear from your mouth what it is you are doing, and believe in your statements to fully trust your brand. Storytelling done through production companies in Boston like SVG know the power of video. We understand that these stories build messages that people long to hear and gain a great deal of knowledge from them. Engaging your listener through media that is entertaining, informative, and powerful will guarantee a retained message.

Video Storytelling Techniques

Nike is a great example of a company that has used its founding story as a powerful marketing technique. They have worked to incorporate their story into their corporate culture and continue to tell “The Nike Story”. By informing the employees and potential customers of the simple beginnings for this massive industry, we as a public can grasp the concept of their message. Telling stories like these reflect on the actions of innovation while connecting people with Nike’s origins.

Video Storytelling Examples

On the more business side of video marketing, companies are looking to convince the public that they are a trustworthy brand to invest in. This means that people need to believe in the products, services, employees, and founding beliefs in order to be sold on the actual merchandise. Though this seems like a critical point in any business model, many administrators don’t seem to communicate properly to the general public. Again using PowerPoint or dry attempts to address people isn’t the best way business can be conducted. Using production as a form of marketing can really amp up and convey the story of any business if done correctly. Videos can include, corporate training videos, how to demonstrations, or just the classic recap on the business from creation to now.

Social Media Video Stories

With whatever video one decides to produce, a story is being told. That is an important idea that seems to get lost in some video production. Stories express how and why things change in life. Business men and women need to understand their companies past so that they can improve in the future. This is also important to convey to the public because the more they know about the beginning, the more they desire to see how it has molded into the company it is today.

Video Marketing Tips

  1. Don’t just talk about the beginning and end
  2. Share the personal struggles and hardship
  3. Story board the timeline of the company
  4. Figure out how to end the video on a positive note about the future
  5. Hire video production professionals like Skillman Video Group

What is Storytelling in Video Marketing?

So there are many different stories out in the world and each person and business has a unique one. No story is similar which means they are all distinct and carry value in the world. Hiring a professional corporate video production company such as Skillman Video Group means that your brand will receive top quality service and finished product. SVG is a multi service Boston video production company centered about creating innovative marketing content for our clients. The world needs to see your company in the way you have seen it for years. Telling your story is our job and we take that job very seriously and professionally. We want to showcase your journey in the best way we know how, through our video marketing company.