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Christina Skillman, Skillman Video Group CEO and Creative Director has always discussed the importance of creating a stress free environment for the client. For any business entering an unknown territory like video marketing it can be a scary process with unknown results. However at SVG we make it a point to provide the best experience for our clients, so by the time cameras start rolling there are neither concerns nor questioning. Video production services Boston is a competitive field but what separates SVG from the competitors is our ability to take out the stress and form a professional and fun atmosphere.

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A stressful environment stalls creativity and adds more pressure to the client. SVG video production services Boston is not one to allow strain and anxiety on a set. We want our clients to feel good and confident about the video production process. In order to create a working environment on set we have key elements that promotes a stress free video production day.

  1. Have fun and get the job done
  2. Be prepared
  3. No surprises
  4. Be yourself

Video Production Strategies

Professionalism is an important part of video production services Boston, yet that doesn’t mean our crew members, producer, and professional videographer are uptight. We want our client and the interviewees to feel comfortable in the setting. There is nothing wrong with having fun while filming. Yes, we like to joke and laugh on set but we always stay on task. In other words, we are good multitaskers. Though a video production shoot should be taken seriously, we want our clients to know that it is ok to enjoy themselves and to enjoy the process. That goes without saying a set is more enjoyable when the day is organized and the video services crew is prepared.

Video Production Preparation

Be Prepared

Any video production services in Boston should be prepared for everything that may or could go wrong in a video production shoot. Though we shouldn’t have to worry about phenomenons like frogs falling from the sky or ghosts tampering with the video and lighting equipment, we are prepared for sets that may not visually work, video equipment failure, and a change in interviewees. As the video production service team it is our job to stress not the clients. Most clients will find that there are no problems during filming days because we are always prepared and have everything handled. Even if something is to go wrong, our client is rarely ever made aware of the problem for it is always fixable.

Preparing for a Video Shoot


Everyone loves a surprise, well at least most people do, but when it comes to video production services Boston a surprise isn’t welcomed with open arms especially by the client. This idea of no surprises goes back to preparation. Before filming begins, the client and our creative director, Christina Skillman, review the:

  • Message
  • Story
  • Style of video
  • B-roll options
  • Setting
  • Storyboard
  • Interview questions
  • Interviewees
  • Outline of the filming day

If a client is told the video is set to be styled as a brand video, and suddenly “Surprise” we are filming in a documentary style instead, the client is blind sided. For instance, it’s like asking for a Toy Story themed birthday and arriving to a Hercules themed party. Though you can’t go wrong with either themes, your mind was already set on Toy Story, you are dressed for Toy Story, and all you know is Toy Story. This idea directly relates to a “surprise” on set. The client has discussed and approved the outline. If anything does not go to plan then it creates the domino effect and who are the ones most directly effected? The client. Video production services Boston shouldn’t be taken for granted. With video production services constantly growing in Boston, a production company CANNOT bring stress or discombobulation onto a set. The crew feeds off that energy as well as the client.

Video Production Steps

Be You

Some video production services Boston may now ask themselves: “How do I create a stress free environment?” First, we know organization and preparation always makes for an easier day of filming, but creating a setting where the client and the interviewees can be themselves will not only change the entire energy of the set but will be felt in the video.

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Before interviews, Christina Skillman usually asks questions to the interviewees that don’t relate to the topic of the video. This open dialogue not only allows the videographer to test the audio, but it gets the interviewee to relax and not be intimidated by the questions. Instead, he or she begins to forget the cameras are around and the interview turns into more of a conversation with Christina. However, there are times when interviewees think it’s easier to read off a piece of paper so the answers are “perfect” but by doing so it takes away from the emotional aspects of the video, and thus their statements aren’t as convincing.

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The job of every video production service in Boston is to set the tone for the day. The client wants to feel comfortable as well as the crew members. Even in a professional setting it is okay to have have but with that said the producer needs to be able to keep the interviews on track. In other words, there must be a balance between having fun and getting the job done. We want our clients to be themselves and not worry or stress about the process, and at SVG we have come to find our approach to video production services has not only produced great marketing videos for our clients, but has also created memories and lasting relationships.