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Why is Boston The Best Place to Shoot Video?

Best Video Production Companies in Boston

There are many great places to have a video production or video marketing company, but Boston is among the best options. Known for its distinct culture and plethora of colleges and universities, Boston offers a unique locale with tons of opportunities for Skillman Video Group to provide video production services. Below are four great reasons why we love Boston as our video production company headquarters.

Top Video Production Companies in Boston

With all the colleges around, there are plenty of students (especially during the summer) who are willing to be an extra on camera, even for corporate videography or a YouTube marketing project. Some will even do it for free, if they get a few lines to read. Related to this point, there are many colleges with top-tier marketing or advertising programs, so we receive many aspiring intern applications from ambitious marketing or advertising students hoping to build there portfolios with Boston video production companies or video marketing companies.

  • On the flip-side, colleges and universities themselves are great potential clients, because our relationships with these institutions open many doors for various jobs in the future, from live event videography to YouTube marketing campaigns. Take a look at the work we did for Boston College.

Boston Video Production Services

Boston has all four seasons, so we can plan shoots accordingly for the look and feel we want or need. Video marketing and Boston video production companies must recognize that certain brands can benefit from seasonal associations, like chocolate warming up consumers in the winter, or, for the summer, allowing consumers to kick back and enjoy the sun.

Autumn Video Production

Slider Shot for Jensen Group

  • Fall weather is pristine and picturesque, especially on college campuses where long rows of trees can be observed as leaves change colors. One of our favorite Fall shoots we did at SVG was with the Jensen Group, when we used a drone that perfectly captured the vibrant colors.
  • Spring is just as pleasant, with the last waves of cold weather morphing into the oncoming warmth and sunlight. For this season and summer especially, be sure to have water on hand. Dehydration is a sneaky culprit that can easily affect camera operators hauling large equipment on their shoulders for daytime Boston video production shoots.
  • As for winter, any video production company should immediately have the holidays in mind, because a holiday-oriented brand positioning approach can be very powerful and effective. Fair warning: winter can be brutal. Sharp winds can potentially damage equipment on the worst of blizzard days, and iced roads or other surfaces may prove hazardous for crew members. We here at SVG always plans well in advance to prepare for these extreme weather instances and plan accordingly.

Corporate Video Boston

Particularly for our interns or new employees, transportation costs for client shoots may be a hassle. Thankfully, Boston is an easy city to traverse via public transportation, so our production crews could easily move about on the subway or bus routes.

  • If the crew is in a rush, Boston is particularly friendly to modern taxi services like Uber and Lyft, both of which give the option of ordering a large vehicle to move heavy equipment.
  • If you really dive in depth to transportation methods, you’ll find that many college campuses have full-fledged and free bus routes that traverse at least a few miles.
  • Otherwise, for just under three dollars, a videographer can get across the city via converging subway lines.

Why is Boston The Best Place to Shoot Video?

From interns to full-time employees, all the people working for SVG will find that there is much there is to do in Boston. Our video production crews have an absolute blast from the variety of different clients and types of shoots that are available to a production company in Boston:

  • Museums run the gamut from traditional art galleries to modern interpretative dance spaces or gala events like at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA). The ICA has a regular series called First Fridays, which are large, themed social events every first Friday of a month, so there is a great chance for live event services.
  • Coolidge Corner has a hip indie movie theatre that shows a variety of cult classics and film festival selections, so there is great potential for fun live videography events.
  • Renowned Symphony Orchestra Hall. We here at SVG have actually done live videography at the Hall for a fundraising event.
  • Thanks to Boston’s coastal location, the city operates as a central hub for AMTRAK, with routes to cities like Philadelphia, NYC, Princeton, etc. for when employees or interns need a getaway weekend. For an extended trip, there is a popular train route down to Washington D.C.
  • Tons of huge conventions, like Comic-Con or the Penny Arcade Expo, (PAX East) which is particularly important to the gaming industry.

Boston is a vibrant city with a distinct feel and a unique set of opportunities for video production and video marketing companies. Consider what kind of clients you want your production crew to be working for, and you’ll realize why Boston is at the top of our list for its variety and distinctiveness.