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Why Mobile Video Marketing

Why is Mobile Video Marketing Important?

It is very important  to get the message of your video marketing campaign out into the world. There are many waysmobile video marketing in which to do this. However, with the prevalence of cells phones and tablets in todays world, mobile video marketing is fast becoming the number one way to spread your message. Optimizing your mobile video marketing will ensure that you get the most out of your content. Skillman Video Group, a Boston video company, can help you better understand the benefits of mobile video marketing and make your campaign a success.

Mobile Video Ad

The websites you visit on your mobile device are one of two things: optimized for mobile or not. If the page is not optimized it is a huge hassle to read. An non-optimized page tends to be very difficult to navigate. On the other hand, while an optimized page is easier to read, some text may be left out and the overall message may not be fully explained. Mobile video marketing helps solve this problem. Video is not limited by the restrictions of the mobile screen size. Video will also alleviate the strain on your eyes. It helps to focus your viewer on the content you are providing in a way very different than text.

The Benefits of Mobile Video

Producing videos for your mobile video marketing campaign can be relatively inexpensive. The return on investment on videos tends to be pretty high due to the multiple ways your videos can be used. You can use your video for marketing purposes, training purposes or to help build your brand. It will help you save money by lowering your costs. One video goes a long way to helping you make and save money. Also, mobile video marketing will help with your conversion rates. People are more likely to purchase something they see in a mobile video rather than reading a description.

Mobile Video Ad Engagement

You want people to share your video whenever they watch it. The more shares a video gets helps your SEO tremendously. To share a video is as easy as a push of a button. For instance the share button on YouTube,(worlds 2nd largest search engine) gives you many different social media platforms to which people can share your video. More shares leads to more views and more views helps boost your SEO. If your video is helpful and full of content people want to see, they will have no problem sharing it with their friends. YouTube has really become mobile friendly in the past year or two. Users now have the ability to click through to your website from your video. YouTube also gives you the ability to direct people to more of your own content through the use of end screens and cards. That is why optimizing your content for YouTube is so important.

Drive Traffic 

In addition to being easy on the eyes, the proper audio in your mobile video can help deliver your marketing message. Sometimes you may not be paying much attention to the visual aspect of the video but as long as the audio portion is being taken in, your video will not suffer. Using a voice-over,  music or any other sound in the proper way helps the viewer absorb the content.

Live Video

Live tv shows are often heavily promoted because of the risk involved. Anything can happen during a live event and mobile video marketingthe viewer likes to be there when it does happen. Keep that in mind when devising your mobile video marketing strategy. Platforms like Facebook Live and Periscope give your intended audience access that makes them feel special. Going live is a video marketing tool that feels organic and helps provide brands with a different type of reach than recorded video.

Short and Concise 

Numerous studies have shown that a most viewers will disengage from a video after a minute. It is important to keep your message short and sweet. You can pack a lot of valuable information into sixty seconds. Social media platforms encourage shorter videos, with Instagram and Snapchat setting limits on to how long your video can be.

Professional Mobile Video

By nature, watching a video on a mobile is a more intimate experience than watching it on a television or a desktop. Mobile video marketing gives you a chance to make a personal connection with your audience. People tend to be more focused when watching video on a mobile device so by personalizing the experience your audience will be able to relate to your video and will be more likely to share it or buy the product you are showcasing.

Mobile video marketing is quickly becoming, if it hasn’t already, the number one way to get the message out about your product or brand. These are just some of the ways to help your video succeed.

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