Women Directors in Boston

What it Means to be a Female Director in Boston

By definition, a director is a person who supervises the actors, camera crew, and other staff for a movie, play, television program, or similar production. However, there is a lot more that goes into being a commercial and corporate video director in Boston.

For example: responsibilities. Every leadership position job and any job in general has responsibilities. However, directors need to be especially focused on their responsibilities, as the fate of whatever project/video they are working on rests in their hands. Especially for Boston video production.

A director needs to know how to communicate with several different groups of people both on and off set. Having good social skills is an extremely helpful tool when one is working with people all day long. Video marketing doesn’t happen overnight; It takes a team of people, and on occasion multiple teams, to successfully execute a project. If a director is uncomfortable or afraid to communicate, then the project will likely not be as satisfactory as it had the potential to be.

Women in Video Production

She also needs to be a good decision maker. When a group of people are creating something, several choices have to be made in order to make the project as successful as possible. For example, the director needs to decide what shots are to be used, if a green screen will be used, and who the editor for the project should be. In a commercial shoot, the director is the one who casts the actors, the director is the one who makes sure the actors are a good fit for the project. The director chooses how many microphones are needed, and what type of lighting is needed for a specific scene or moment. A director needs to be able to make all the decisions, whether they be tough or simple, as it only benefits the project in the end, especially in Boston video production

A director needs to be accountable. In order to gain the crew’s respect, and more importantly the client’s respect, a director should always be respectful of everyone’s time and place on set. A good director is obligated to accept responsibility for their decisions both on and of set, and has no trouble doing so. Since so many decisions have to be made, it is important to have a director one can trust to be honest and respectful whilst working on a project. Since the client is the one who is paying the service to the Boston video production company, it is important that the director be on time and responsible with no room for silly mistakes.

Christina Skillman at Live Video Shoot for CMA

A director needs to be creative, passionate, and organized enough to maintain her vision for how the project will turn out. Having a secure and rigid concept is extremely important, especially on commercial shoots. Without a clear and formulated script, shotlist, schedule, etc., it is likely that the entirety of the project will be lost. This is why it is important for a Boston video production director to design a strong creative idea for the project and be able to consistently follow through on that idea with lots of structure throughout the entirety of the project. There are no room for accidents when it comes to direction.

Who are the Women Directors in Boston?

In order to completely understand what a director is and how skills like these are helpful and necessary, an example will be applicable. Christina Skillman is a successful female director in Boston who started her own video marketing company: Skillman Video Group, a Boston video production company. She began the company in 2005, after a successful career in cable television where she won a national award for her first documentary production called Billericay, England in the United Kingdom. Soon enough, the once-small company that Christina began in her Sommerville apartment grew into an internation video production company. 

Christina Skillman, Sr. Producer & Principal of Skillman Video Group

Having experience directing in Boston video production is crucial. Because there are so many things to focus on, so many people to please when directing or producing a project, there is very little room for error. This is why it is necessary to find a female director, if that is what you happen to be looking for, who has experience. Depending on your project, it may make sense to hire a female director. Being one of the only female directors for commercial and corporate videos in Boston, Christina Skillman has worked many years for Skillman Video Group, and has successfully directed and produced many commercials, interviews, promotional videos, brand videos, event videos, recruitment videos, music videos, and more, while simultaneously being the CEO.

Directing Commercial VS. Corporate Videos

Commercial videos are pretty much exactly what they sound like- a commercial video. A commercial video is a video that is usually larger scale, budget, and reaches a wider audience than a corporate video. The director needs to be able to focus on the tone and pacing of the commercial as well to make sure that it fits with the overall concept of the project. The director also needs to be comfortable speaking with professional actors to make sure they come across the way the director intends on screen. It is extremely important to find a director in Boston video production who fits the creative vision and brand, so that they can take the brand’s ideas to the next level while still achieving the overall goal of the project. However, it is necessary for the director chosen to have enough experience to have a creative voice for the project, especially for video production Boston. Skillman Video Group has created countless commercial videos for brands all over the world, including such videos as music videos.

Corporate videos require a similar skill set to commercial videos. Corporate videos are usually interview-type videos where the director works with real people to make them feel comfortable answering questions or having a natural conversation on camera. They also have to be more flexible. Corporate videos feature real people with real jobs, and very real schedules. A director needs to be able to roll with the punches just in a case an interviewee is going to be ten minutes late. Also, the director’s job is to make the talent look good so they won’t have to stress too much. If they don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, then the director is not doing her job correctly. During commercial videos, professional actors are paid to be in front of the camera, so this is not something the director would normally have to worry about. Although it is important for the director to fit your creative vision, it is also good to hire an outside director because she is able to have a different perspective on the project. This is beneficial because sometimes when one is too close to a project, one is unable to see error in the results. A director should be able to make the necessary changes to a project in order to make it as successful as possible.

Being a female Boston video production director can be a tricky job, but when it is done correctly, amazing things can be created.

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