Our Approach

Good business practices start with good customer service. With an award-winning background in documentary and video production, SVG brings a level of confidence and a track record of success into each new project.

Prior to beginning any new project, we meet with clients at their place of business to discuss every detail and make certain nothing is overlooked.  What are your goals?  What is your vision? Working together we will develop effective strategies for bringing your ideas to life.  Throughout your video production, we have the professional expertise and creativity to utilize every technical advantage for shooting dynamic, interesting, high quality footage. When the video enters post-production, we work collaboratively with our clients to make sure the final result exceeds the level of excellence our customers expect.

Once video production is over, SVG has the expertise to leverage the power of the internet to help our clients gain the greatest return on their investment possible.  Through utilizing Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimization techniques, as well as e-mail and other Internet marketing strategies, we can turn your website into a powerful leads generator for new business.  Regardless of the type of video you need – marketing video, promotional video, video advertising, product, testimonial video or live event – SVG promises to deliver a quality product on time and on budget!

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