Creative Direction & Planning
Quality content that engages prospects and grows your brand

Engaging Brand Portrayal

Expert Coaching

Hassle-free Logistics

Creative Direction & Planning

Quality content that engages prospects and grows your brand

Engaging Brand Portrayal

Expert Coaching

Hassle-free Logistics

When it comes to creating or shooting a video, we know you want the process to be stress-free and the finished product to correctly reflect your business.

You want a video agency that takes care of everything: logistics, coaching, branding, and the rest of the creative process.

At Skillman Video Group, our experienced team does all the behind-the-scenes planning and preparation required to make the video creation simple for your team  and effective in your marketing. 

Let us handle the planning while you focus on what matters to you: running your business.

How Does A Video Agency
Provide Peace Of Mind?

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     You don’t need to worry about the equipment, staging, lighting, etc. It’s all there and ready when shooting begins.

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    on Branding

    Know that your brand is portrayed correctly, whether it’s the colors, font size, or other parts of the video.

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    Don’t worry about what to say or do; we coach you through every step of the creative process.

“I was very appreciative of how they took the time to make sure the videos we produced came out great regardless of how long it took with the shot or how many takes were required. They worked with me on the script for the videos and took my suggestions during the editing of the video.”

Michael DelSignore

Why work with
Skillman Video Group

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    With over 15 years of experience, our team understands quality production. View our portfolio here.

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    Proven Process

    We use a tried and proven process that takes all the guesswork and fear out of your project.

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    By taking the time to do the hard work on the front-end, our video strategy is created with intention and foresight.

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    We are experts in creating your brand - including colors, tone, icons, and more.

Here is our
Skillman Video Group
Guarantee to you:

We guarantee to make
you look good, or we

re-shoot your
video at no cost.

We Make Having Great Video Content Simple

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    We learn
    about you

    We partner with you by  learning about your business values and goals.

  • 2

    We create
    a strategy

    We follow our proven process to create the best content strategy for your brand.

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    We Produce
    the Video

    Our experienced team uses the latest in technology to create high-quality deliverables.

  • 4

    Brand Grows

    Watch your brand and revenue increase as you engage more prospects!

Why Does Your Business Need A Video Brand Standard?

It is the compilation of all the little things that go into your video and put your brand’s sticker on it. This includes things like colors, logos, fonts, and any other brand-related design.

Yes, and that is often the problem. When a company is small and has a smaller marketing budget, they often create their original branding package. This original branding can be relevant for many years. 

However, as businesses grow, they often realize something: They have outgrown their original branding, and they need a new brand standard to help refresh their company’s look and messaging.

With a wide range of video technology available today, the brand standard has never been more important. 

It covers a wide range of things in a video; not just the colors or fonts used. It includes the pace of the video, the emotions associated with your company, if any animation is included in the video, and many other parts.

All the little nuances of a video are part of this process, even though many of them may never be fully recognized by the audience.

Absolutely! With our brand experts and years of expertise, we know the questions to ask your company so that we can create and develop a brand standard that correctly portrays your company, products, and people. 

“Christina Skillman immediately grasped the essence of our message and created a working plan that structured our project and despite many schedule and venue changes, kept the project on task. Her professionalism and ability to put people at ease before the camera is remarkable.”

Barbara Kosovske

Video Planning & Creative Direction in Boston

Are you concerned about having video production that does not correctly portray your company’s products or value?

Does the thought of a video shoot cause stress as you think about getting all the equipment and logistics together?

At Skillman Video Group, our team has the processes and experience to make sure your content is perfectly planned, expertly shot, and properly reflects your brand in every part.

No one likes thinking about developing or planning a video. There are too many things to track, and it is  difficult to keep your brand messaging and visuals clear.

The result?

Video production is often stressful, a logistical nightmare, and the end product doesn’t correctly portray the company.

Thankfully, with the proven processes and branding experience of Skillman Video Group, you don’t need to worry about the planning, logistics, or creative direction of your video.

As brand and strategy experts, we use our proven strategies and intentional planning to produce video content that clearly portrays your brand and the value you bring to the marketplace.

Our team does the hard work of truly understanding your company and your messaging, including creating or working with your video brand standard. Establishing this framework means we don’t waste time on content that doesn’t help grow your company.

No matter where your business is, our team is ready to help you create the strategy, messaging, and video content help your company break through to the next level.

Learn more about the three main parts of our Boston video production process:

  1. Video strategy and messaging
  2. Creation direction and planning
  3. Video production and animation 

Start your project today to see what is possible for your company!