Our Story

SVG Founder & CEO, Christina Skillman, on the set of her award-winning documentary Billericay, England in 2002

When working with our clients, we go by the mantra of “telling a genuine story”. Stories have a profound and powerful effect on the growth of modern marketing initiatives. The process of storytelling is oriented around creative solutions to developing content. SVG doesn’t just preach the idea as a tenant of online marketing. We have lived our story and experienced the benefit of sharing our story firsthand.

Christina Skillman, Founder & CEO of Skillman Video Group, started her career working in local cable television. Inspired by the success of her first documentary production in the United Kingdom, “Billericay, England” (for which she won a national award in 2003) Christina started Skillman Video Group from a Somerville apartment in 2005.

Using the burgeoning tools of the internet to recruit prospective businesses and organizations, Skillman Video Group has evolved into an international video production and video content agency.  SVG has created video content for local Boston and New England clientele as well as national, and even international audiences.

The mission behind SVG is to meld business-minded productions with a creative filmmaking bent. Skillman Video Group was founded on two particular ideals: the highest possible production work, and a close and ongoing connection with our clients.

After working with clients such as Yamaha and Gillette, word about Skillman Video Group spread. From the onset, SVG prided itself on a personal touch. Christina’s focus on building strong and lasting client relationships has undoubtedly contributed to SVG’s rapid growth.

SVG has since relocated to new offices in the heart of downtown Boston. SVG has done work with local law firms, the Country Music Association, and even the Rwandan government. We have a well-established intern program, and are helping to train the next generation of videographers. But at it’s heart, SVG is still about the same fundamental: telling your genuine story and putting it out into the world on the largest stage imaginable… the world wide web.