Types of Corporate Videos

At Skillman Video Group, corporate videos are our “thing”, and we are excited and ready to get started on the video that’s best for your company!  There are different genres of videos that you can choose from to best meet your need.  Each has its own style, niche, and effect.  Which kind of a video would best represent your company?  Here are just a few ideas from us:

  • Product – What is your company creating that you want the world to know about?  A product video is a great way to market to potential clients on the latest and greatest from your company and also helps to remind existing customers why they should keep coming back to you.  Got a trade show coming up?  Playing a product video in the background is a great way to attract visitors to your booth as well as educating potential customers!!!  The producers at Skillman Video Group can expertly craft a simple yet effective product video that can be used in dozens of applications.
  • Presentation – Got a big meeting coming up?  What better way to supplement your presentation then with a creative, informational and professional video!  Video is a powerful sales tool (one of many in your arsenal) that can be used to both market to and inform potential clients of your services.  No matter how complicated the subject matter may be, the producers at Skillman Video Group can break it down into simple and digestible amounts of information that potential customers will be able to process and respond to. Whether it needs to be serious or humorous, the Producers at Skillman Video Group are adept at taking any message and turn into something that will resonate with YOUR customers!
  • Marketing Video – A video demonstrating your company’s abilities and services can open up a whole new world of opportunities.  Video can bring your business to life in ways that simple text or even still photos on your web site can not. Your business happens in real time and  video is a very dynamic and interactive medium for reaching new and existing clients. Your viewers will have the opportunity to see AND hear why your product/service is so different and why they need you more than your competitors!!!
  • Training Video – Do you have new employees that you want to get incorporated into the company?  Need to instruct existing employees on new procedures or safety regulations?  Training videos are very useful tools in both welcoming and getting new employees “up to snuff” as well as retraining existing workers on company policies and procedures.  And an added benefit?  Training videos can also show potential clients that you “know your stuff” by demonstrating how to do something well.
  • Testimonial – What do people say about your company?  Who has been working with you for the longest that has a story to tell?  Testimonial videos can give a personal touch with a live person speaking about experiences he/she has had with your company!
  • Live EventsSkillman Video Group can also shoot and edit any live event!  Presentations, awards, conferences, parties – you name it, we’ll do it!

Look at those options!!  There is something for you up there and, whatever your ideas are, the professionals at Skillman Video Group are ready to help make it work.  No matter what genre it is, you can rest assured that it will be done with excellence, quality, and professionalism.  Check out our Portfolio to see examples of each of these video genres.  Don’t forget to ask about our Internet Marketing strategies to help the video make the biggest impact possible!  Contact us today!!