As Skillman Video Group LLC has grown as company, so too has our reach. While still providing the Boston and New England area with expert video production work, we’ve also developed partnerships with clients on the national and international level. SVG works closely with our clients to develop unique professional video and video marketing solutions to meet a variety of needs. Below is a small portfolio of some of our previous work in a variety of categories, highlighting the wide range of businesses, organizations, and people we have served in the past. Please contact us at info@skillmanvideogroup.com or call 1-800-784-0140 to see what we can do for you today!

Brand Video - Construction Management Company

In 2015, Bond Brothers, Inc went through a massive rebranding exercise that included a total redesign of their web site and overhaul of their online content. Part of the rebranding project included the production of a “Brand Video” to tell the story of who they are as a company. Over 2.5 days the video production crews of Skillman Video Group were tasked with shooting 25 employees at 5 different locations… while never repeating the same background for each subject. The video was shot in 4K and fully edited within 3 weeks after production wrapped.

Commercial Video Series - Lease Finance Company

Skillman Video Group had the pleasure of working with the TimePayment Corporation on a six-part commercial video series. This monumental project included a 30-person crew, sparks, fire, confetti, and… a couple of cats. The production was a three-day event (one studio prep day and two shoot days) and was shot at one of the premiere sound stages in Boston, MA. To view more from the series, please visit our YouTube channel  or click here to watch the next video in the series “Rock Rehearsal“.

Thought Leadership Video - Management Consulting Firm

Fundamentally, consulting is a people business. A consulting firm’s assets are the knowledge, the expertise, and the capabilities of their people. (The same can be said for almost any professional services business.) L.E.K. Consulting knew there was no better way to showcase this than video. In 2016, L.E.K. hired Skillman Video Group to help the firm produce their “Executive Insights” videos, and we continue to produce these Thought Leadership Videos as well as Expertise Videos and Video Abstracts for L.E.K. through today.

Training Video - Children's Hospital

Training videos are the most effective way to educate and train multitudes of people, whether employees or clinicians, with the greatest cost and time efficiency. The Video Producers at Skillman Video Group were hired to produce a training video series for Boston Children’s Hospital for their protocol when receiving an Ebola virus suspected/confirmed patient–from the initial Emergency Department contact, lab orders, room cleaning, to donning & doffing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) procedures for the nurses. Read more about this project by clicking here.

Brand Video - Start-up Home Equity Finance Company

Skillman Video was hired to produce a brand video for tech startup, HomeTap Equity Partners, a company that offers a new way for consumers to access equity in their homes without taking on debt. If you want a brand video to connect with your audience, it should be more than just about your product or service. It should be about the problem, the solution, the experience, and, most importantly, the larger mission of the company–the purpose, the cause, the belief, your company’s WHY. In this video, see how HomeTap is first and foremost about helping the American homeowner.

Music Video - Me Voila by Joz Victor

This music video was produced for international audiences in French speaking countries in the Caribbean, Europe, Canada and Africa. The story of the video focuses on Joz Victor, a musician singing to a lover that he is unable to completely reach due to differences in time or place. The song is titled, “Me Voila” (or, “Here I am” in English) and it follows Joz singing to this out-of-reach lover. In some scenes, Joz is invisible and in other scenes they are together, which are the memories Joz has from the times that they had when they were in love. For a “behind the scenes” look at how we produced this music video, please click this article here: The 4 Rules of Music Video Production.

Brand Video - Skin Care Company

When introducing a new product to consumers, many start-ups struggle with what differentiates their product or service from the competition. It is far easier to sell your product by telling a great story, thus this video was completely unscripted to keep the authenticity and emotional connection to the viewer. It was shot in 4K over a day-and-a-half at three different locations using a Steadicam to give the shots a fluidity of movement while also keeping a very shallow depth of field. The Producers at Skillman Video Group carefully crafted both the interview and the editing process to keep the focus of the video on the founder’s story, which increases the impact of the video.

Client Testimonial - Sound Masking Company

Cambridge Sound Management hired the Boston video producers at SVG to shoot and edit a testimonial video for one of their clients, Amica Insurance.  SVG production crews shot on site for a 1/2 day (4 hours), conducting interviews and capturing B-Roll (supplementary footage). Client testimonials are a powerful way to promote your product or service to potential customers. To see more examples of client testimonial videos SVG has produced please click here.

Press Release Video - Cybersecurity Company

Video is immersive, engaging, and effective. If you want your press release to stand out, supplement it with a video. Not only will it appeal to correspondents, but it will also be more memorable. More people will share it, talk about it, and take interest than they would a pure text press release just filled with bulky paragraphs. Onapsis hired Skillman Video Group to produce a press release video to announce the addition of the former Chief Information Security Officer at Google to their Board of Directors. To read more about the shoot day in our blog, click here.

Animated Product Video - SaaS Company

Many companies struggle with how to demonstrate a service or product that is 100% computer or web-based. Live-action footage doesn’t always make sense in situations where the video needs to explain or instruct viewers on how to use a software application (for example). For this project, the animators at SVG drafted story boards, added movement and color, and even animated footage and logos provided by the client.

Brand Video - Law Firm

For the litigation law firm Kenney & Sam’s 10th anniversary, they wanted to update their existing marketing video with an entirely modern look and feel. The video marketing experts at Skillman Video Group were able to produce this promotional brand video focusing on telling authentic (i.e. non-scripted) stories and showcasing the firms energy through editing, using quick transitions, and music to help drive the narrative. This video was shot in 4K and edited at SVG’s offices in downtown Boston.

Non-Profit Promotional Video - Boston College

When the Lynch Leadership Academy at Boston College wanted to market their unique Principal/Executive training and development program (targeting Public, Charter and Catholic schools in the Boston area), they hired the video marketing experts at Skillman Video Group. Our Boston video producers visited 4 schools around the Boston area, and conducted interviews with key program administrators, funders and directors. Our video crews were able to deftly create warm and inviting shots in the most difficult of spaces, and our editors were able to craft a concise and powerful message out of hours of footage.

Live Event Video - Country Music Association

The Country Music Association hired Skillman Video Group to produce a live web cast of their “Singer Songwriter Series” concert in Boston, MA. SVG crews brought in truck loads of equipment to produce the video just hours before the event. Our set up included three HD Broadcast quality cameras w/ supporting crew, multi-cam switcher and monitors, digital recorders, communication headsets, and miles of cables & gaffers tape!  SVG producers have the expertise to produce live event videos of any shape or size in a variety of settings and shoot conditions.

Recruitment Video - Lease Finance Company

TimePayment Corporation needed to update their Human Resources page on their newly rebranded website, and wanted engaging video content to help attract up and coming talent. SVG video producers were able to guide their HR and marketing departments in selecting the best themes and stories to tell. We decided to go with an unscripted, interview-style approach in order to make the videos authentic and relatable to prospective employees. SVG produced three videos in all covering the themes “Advancement”, “Training” and “Diversity”.

Public Relations Video - City of Gloucester

Skillman Video Group was hired by a Boston-area PR firm to shoot a Public Relations video for the city of Gloucester promoting their new “Maritime Economy”. The video was shot at their annual Oceanic Summit in just one 1/2 day (4 hours) of shooting and edited in conjunction with the PR team. The video will be used to help bring in more development and research funding and possibly promote entirely new industries for Gloucester’s historic seaport.

Event Promotional Video - Non-Profit Organization

The MIT Enterprise Forum hired Skillman Video Group, a Boston Corporate Video Production Company, to produce a marketing video for their “Internet of Things” event at the MIT Media Lab. The purpose of the video was to promote both the Enterprise Forum as well as to encourage more companies to sponsor the event. This video was shot on location in 4K, and SVG Video Producers covered all logistics for the production crews as well as conducting the interviews with key participants.

How-To Video - Home Decor Company

Brewster Home Fashions wanted to both promote their wallpaper products as well as instruct customers on how to use them. Their dilemma? Where to shoot it! Skillman Video Group producers were not only able to provide a suitable studio space but also to design and build this set from scratch and tear it down again in just hours after the shoot!  SVG also wrote the script, directed and shot the video in one day, and working collaboratively with Brewster Home Fashions, later edited the video.

Travel Video - Travel & Tourism Company

Boston video producer, Christina Skillman was hired to produce on location in Key West Florida a series of web videos for a popular travel website. Over the span of three days, close to 10 videos were shot, and later edited by the skilled video editors at Skillman Video Group in Boston, MA. A single person camera crew was present on location at the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum.