See our work from around the nation and around the globe.


View our work from around the nation and around the globe.

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Brand Video

Heavy Industrial Electrical Contractor

Fischbach & Moore - 2020

Skillman Video Group created a “Who We Are” video as an inside look at Fischbach & Moore through the eyes of their employees.

This country is literally built on the backs of our trades men and women. The work they do is hard, but day in and day out, they do it. It was amazing to get to see firsthand their expertise and dedication. We were proud to be able to tell their story!

To learn more about this project, please visit our blog posts here: Fischbach & Moore Discovery to Production and Fischbach & Moore Editing & Finishing

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Brand Video

Board Game Cafe

Tavern of Tales - 2020

Tavern of Tales is a board game cafe focused on visitors experiencing board games in an entirely new way with the innovative use of audio and narration.

What they offer is a new concept that is not easily described, so they approached us to leverage the power of video to help tell their story.

To learn more about this project, please visit our blog posts here: ToT Discovery to Production and ToT Editing and Finishing

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Brand Video

High-Purity Gases and Fluorocarbons Supplier

Electronic Fluorocarbons - 2022

We were hired by Electronic Fluorocarbons, a supplier of high purity gases and chemicals to the semiconductor industry, to produce a promotional video to be shown at their SEMICON WEST 2022 booth and to be used on their website and social media.
Our crew filmed at several locations within their Hatfield, PA plant, capturing various parts of their manufacturing process.
To learn more about this project, please visit our blog post here: A Case Study with EFC
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Commercial Video

Lease Finance Company

TimePayment Corp - 2016

Skillman Video Group had the pleasure of working with the TimePayment Corporation on a six-part commercial video series. This monumental project included a 30-person crew, sparks, fire, confetti, and… a couple of cats. The production was a three-day event (one studio prep day and two shoot days) and was shot at one of the premiere sound stages in Boston, MA.

To view more from the series, please visit our YouTube channel  or click here to watch the next video in the series “Rock Rehearsal“.

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Client Testimonial

Home Equity Investment Company

Hometap Equity Partners - 2021

How often do you make a new purchase without first hearing about someone else’s experience with that product or service? Rarely ever, right? We want social proof from peers and unbiased third parties, not the brands selling the products. That’s why client testimonial videos are worth their marketing weight in gold.

To learn more about this project, please visit our blog post here: HomeTap Client Testimonial Behind the Scenes

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Brand Video

Commercial Water Filtration Company

Gustavo Preston - 2022

Gustavo Preston provides innovative water filtration systems for large commercial buildings, resolves fluid handling equipment issues, and provides preventative maintenance solutions for companies all over the New England Area. They have been a family-owned business since 1881 and approached us at Skillman Video Group to aid them in creating a brand video that represents their core values.

To learn more about this project, please visit our blog post here: Gustavo Preston Brand Video Behind the Scenes


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Training Video


Boston Children's Hospital - 2018

Training videos are the most effective way to educate and train multitudes of people, whether employees or clinicians, with the greatest cost and time efficiency. The Video Producers at Skillman Video Group were hired to produce a training video series for Boston Children’s Hospital for their protocol when receiving an Ebola virus suspected/confirmed patient–from the initial Emergency Department contact, lab orders, room cleaning, to donning & doffing PPE procedures for the nurses.

To learn more about this project, follow the link here: Boston Children’s Hospital Medical Training Video Series

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Company Culture Video

Industrial Laundry Company

Crown Uniform & Linen Service - 2018

When it comes to hiring, a company culture video helps you stand out, allowing you to creatively toot your own horn to attract the right talent. To begin with, company culture videos show your company’s human side. They give an inside scoop into the people who steer the business, a look at the daily life of employees, and the values you stand by. Crown Uniform & Linen Service hired us to produce a five-part series of “employee spotlight” videos that did just this. Creatively, the videos are “documentary” in style—no music, no graphics, and intentionally raw and rough around the edges to give viewers a real-life sense of what it would be like to work at Crown.

To view other videos in the series, click here: Employee Spotlight Recruitment Video Series

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Explainer Video

Commercial Water Filtration Company

Gustavo Preston - 2019

There is nothing like a great explainer video to engage with potential customers and familiarize them with your product or service. Gustavo Preston’s water filter technology is unique in the marketplace and their main goal was to explain the complex nature of what they do in an engaging and memorable video to an audience of building engineers.

Watch the other videos in the series here: Point-of-Entry Filtration and Point-of-Use Filtration.

To learn more about this project, check out our blog post here: Gustavo Preston Discovery to Production

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Thought Leadership Video

Management Consulting Firm

L.E.K. Consulting - 2019

Fundamentally, consulting is a people business. A consulting firm’s assets are the knowledge, expertise, and capabilities of its people. (The same can be said for almost any professional services business.) L.E.K. Consulting knew there was no better way to showcase this than video. In 2016, L.E.K. hired Skillman Video Group to help the firm produce their “Executive Insights” videos, and we continue to produce these Thought Leadership Videos as well as Expertise Videos and Video Abstracts for L.E.K. through today.

To learn more about this project, follow the link here: Management Consulting Company Promotional Video Series

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Live Event Video

Country Music Association

Country Music Association - 2012

The Country Music Association hired Skillman Video Group to produce a live webcast of their “Singer Songwriter Series” concert in Boston, MA. SVG crews brought in truck loads of equipment to produce the video just hours before the event. Our set up included three HD Broadcast quality cameras w/ supporting crew, multi-cam switcher and monitors, digital recorders, communication headsets, and miles of cables & gaffers tape! SVG producers have the expertise to produce live event videos of any shape or size in a variety of settings and shoot conditions.

To learn more about this project, please visit our blog post here: CMA Live Event Behind the Scenes

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Event Kick-Off Video

Supply Chain Management Company

Bristlecone - 2019

If you’re holding a major event for your key audiences and did a great job marketing to fill the seats, start the event with a short, powerful video that makes everyone sit up straight and start listening. And since you only have a few moments to get and keep your audience’s attention, make sure to keep the video under 2 minutes long.

This is a 90-second conference kick-off video that Bristlecone, a supply chain management company, hired SVG to produce for the event they were hosting.

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Press Release Video

ERP Cybersecurity Company

Onapsis - 2019

Video is immersive, engaging, and effective. If you want your press release to stand out, supplement it with a video. Not only will it appeal to correspondents, but it will also be more memorable. More people will share it, talk about it, and take interest than they would a pure text press release just filled with bulky paragraphs. Onapsis hired Skillman Video Group to produce a press release video to announce the addition of the former Chief Information Security Officer at Google to their Board of Directors.

To read more about the shoot day in our blog, click here.

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Brand Video

Skin Care Company

Arianna Skincare - 2016

When introducing a new product to consumers, many start-ups struggle with what differentiates their product or service from the competition. It is far easier to sell your product by telling a great story, thus this video was completely unscripted to keep the authenticity and emotional connection to the viewer. It was shot in 4K over a day-and-a-half at three different locations using a Steadicam to give the shots a fluidity of movement while also keeping a very shallow depth of field. The Producers at Skillman Video Group carefully crafted both the interview and the editing process to keep the focus of the video on the founder’s story, which increases the impact of the video.

To learn more about this project, please visit our blog post here: Arianna Skincare Brand Video Behind the Scenes

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Music Video


"Me Voila" by Joz Victor - 2019

This music video was produced for international audiences in French speaking countries in the Caribbean, Europe, Canada and Africa. The story of the video focuses on Joz Victor, a musician who sings to a lover that he is unable to completely reach due to differences in time or place. The song is titled, “Me Voila” (or “Here I am” in English) and it follows Joz singing to this out-of-reach lover. In some scenes, Joz is invisible and in other scenes, they are together, which are the memories that Joz has from the times that they were in love.

For a “behind the scenes” look at how we produced this music video, please click this article here: Joz Victor Behind the Scenes

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Brand Video

Construction Management Company

Bond Brothers - 2015

In 2015, Bond Brothers, Inc went through a massive rebranding exercise that included a total redesign of their website and overhaul of their online content. Part of the rebranding project included the production of a “Brand Video” to tell the story of who they are as a company. Over 3 days the video production crews of Skillman Video Group were tasked with shooting 25 employees at 5 different locations… while never repeating the same background for each subject.

To learn more about this project, please visit our blog posts here: Bond Brothers Behind the Scenes Day One and Bond Brothers Behind the Scenes Day Two

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Brand Video

Start-up Home Equity Finance Company

Hometap Equity Partners - 2019

Skillman Video was hired to produce a brand video for tech startup, HomeTap Equity Partners, a company that offers a new way for consumers to access equity in their homes without taking on debt. If you want a brand video to connect with your audience, it should be more than just about your product or service. It should be about the problem, the solution, the experience, and, most importantly, the larger mission of the company–the purpose, the cause, the belief, and your company’s WHY. In this video, see how HomeTap is first and foremost about helping the American homeowner.

To learn more about this project, please visit our blog post here: Hometap Brand Video Behind the Scenes

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Promotional Video

Nonprofit Organization

Lynch Leadership Academy, Boston College - 2015

When the Lynch Leadership Academy at Boston College wanted to market their unique Principal/Executive training and development program (targeting Public, Charter and Catholic schools in the Boston area), they hired the video marketing experts at Skillman Video Group. Our Boston video producers visited 4 schools around the Boston area, and conducted interviews with key program administrators, funders and directors. Our video crews were able to deftly create warm and inviting shots in the most difficult of spaces, and our editors were able to craft a concise and powerful message out of hours of footage.

To learn more about this project, please visit our blog post here: Lynch Leadership Academy Behind the Scenes

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Public Relations Video


City of Gloucester - 2012

Skillman Video Group was hired by a Boston-area PR firm to shoot a Public Relations video for the city of Gloucester promoting their new “Maritime Economy”. The video was shot at their annual Oceanic Summit in just one 1/2 day (4 hours) of shooting and edited in conjunction with the PR team. The video will be used to help bring in more development and research funding and possibly promote entirely new industries for Gloucester’s historic seaport.

To learn more about this project, please visit our blog post here: Gloucester Maritime Economy Behind the Scenes

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Event Promotional Video

Nonprofit Organization

MIT Enterprise Forum - 2015

The MIT Enterprise Forum hired Skillman Video Group to produce a marketing video for their “Internet of Things” event at the MIT Media Lab. The purpose of the video was to promote both the Enterprise Forum as well as to encourage more companies to sponsor the event. This video was shot on location in 4K, and SVG Video Producers covered all logistics for the production crews as well as conducting the interviews with key participants.

To learn more about this project, please visit our blog post here: Connected Things Behind the Scenes