Boston Video Production

Have you heard? Video is the word.
Video is becoming not only more and more prevalent in today’s online ecosystem of websites, social media, and search engine results, but it seems to be gaining such popularity that it’s now imperative that your online business or organization utilizes it.


Studies show video is positively correlated to an increase in site impressions, the “trust factor”, and conversions. This isn’t speculative or information from pseudo studies paid for by “big video”. This is real, and the internet knows it. Just as fast as the internet is evolving, you’re website is aging. You don’t want your website left behind. Video is the major facelift that your website needs.

Skillman Video Group, in business since 2005, has been around for the flash-in-the-pan trends and has also seen the fundamental and universal truths of the internet stand the test of time. Our Boston video production team has seen it through our diligent ear-to-the-ground trend spotting, and it’s through this longevity and perpetually steady upward momentum that makes us certain; video is the way up.


There are a few styles of video that you may want to use in building your online video arsenal. Below, we’ll go through them briefly and help explain the specific uses for each.

Marketing Video: One of the more popular types of video. These videos can last 20 seconds to 1 minute and a half. The idea here is short, sweet, and to the point. The beauty of video, however, it that even in brevity is an infinite opportunity to profess a brand philosophy, aesthetic, attitude, or tone. These subtle and largely subconscious aspects make the difference between a new client and lost business.

Expertise Video: Another popular video format. An expertise video is like a modern day “how-to” video. As Google and other search engines are gearing their algorithms to prefer video more and more, It’s a clever idea to think of the questions that your client or customer base are asking. If you’re a plumber, perhaps your potential clientele might often search Google for “how to fix a leaking sink drain”. By answering their question in a clear, concise, and helpful manner, they will have found value in your company. Maybe this time they figure out how to fix their drainage pipe themselves, thanks to your video, but next time something more problematic occurs, they’ll go to who is familiar and who they know they can trust; i.e. you.

Client Testimonial Video: Sure, you can shout how great your business is all you like, but when a third party endorses your business, that’s powerful. Ask your best clients if they can spare half an hour, provide an incentive, and ask them to speak about how your business has helped them. Set up questions for them, and ask in an interview style, with the interviewer behind the camera. Edit out the interview questions, add some motion graphics that read out the questions or points of note, and you’re on your way to a strong client testimonial video. Other perspective clients may watch this, and it could be the difference between a new client and the opposite.

Product Demonstration Video: This can include a service demonstration too. Basically, this type of video is to promote a new product or service your company is offering with great finesse so that you encourage current clientele to convert or find a new audience that may be interested in this. A good example of these videos might be Kickstarter videos, but they span many styles depending on your company and your product.

Live Event Video: Capture the magic of a moment. Marketing videos are hyper-compelling but also hyper-curated. The unscripted nature of live video conveys a realness and that is an indispensable tool. Your live even video could be an awards ceremony, a speech, a concert, or an expo show.


There are many options for strong online video. Choose the most effective format for your purposes, or decide on a clever combination of a few. Also, don’t forget the rule of reoccurrence. One-off videos are great for embedding on a website page, but reoccurring expertise videos or how-to videos, portfolio videos, client testimonial videos, et cetera will only build your online video ecosystem and make your periodically posted content (say for example, your blog or your posts to social media) that much more consistently engaging. For more information on marketing and video packages, see our Online Marketing Packages page.

If you’re looking for the best of Boston video production, you’ve landed in the right place. Skillman Video Group specializes in all kind of video production expertise and knows not only how to make beautiful, professional, compelling, and effective video but also how to extrapolate your story, how to deliver it with finesse and brevity, and how to market yourself as the savvy modern online business you’re ready to be.