2016 Online Marketing Trends

Video MarketingBeing a professional video marketing company, Skillman Video Group knows what separates a companies marketing campaign from the rest. Storytelling is a big part of any marketing strategy, and is something SVG has always discussed in regards to its importance. With that said, in a recent Boston Business Journal article, the significance of storytelling is confirmed along with the more public relation trends to watch in 2016.

Content must be Uniform

In the article “5 Public Relation Trends to Watch in 2016” the rise of technology and its ever changing ways is said to have redeveloped marketing trends. Due to the fast paste environment and ways we communicate, technology will play a large roll in this years marketing strategies. For instance, the first trend Boston Business Journal predicts is “Content will become more searchable and more uniform.” What does this mean exactly? Create a uniform storyline and message that is unique with tailored search terms that can be displayed across all media platforms. To break this down into simpler terms: “content must be uniform.”


Storytelling Besides creating a uniform message, another trend that will make an impact is storytelling. According to the Boston Business Journal “Storytelling will be a key to build relationships.” If one thing is for sure, storytelling has always been a trend for SVG, and building relationships is our priority. You could say we are ahead of the competition and constantly staying up to date on marketing trends, but creating trustworthiness between the crew and customers comes with developing a unique storyline that showcases that company’s staff, product, and commitment. The Boston Business Journal also points out that, “Well-crafted storylines will become a critical differentiator in how businesses connect with audiences.” It is important to know that SVG doesn’t just create a storyline for the heck of it, and to see the Boston Business Journal confirm the relevance of storytelling in the marketing world proves SVG’s ability as a professional video marketing company.


Blogging Social media has increasingly taken over marketing campaigns, and the Boston Business Journal predicts that blogs and vlogs will provide “positive word-of-mouth and viral social sharing.” Communication is always a key factor when it comes to PR and marketing, especially when targeting a specific audience. Blogging provides a way to reach consumers while also being cost-effective. Blogging, unlike newspaper articles and ads, provide a look into a company to be able to see projects they have worked on, challenges they have encountered and how they are overcome. SVG also understands the importance of blogging and how it can generate traffic onto the website as well as create trustworthiness between the crew and a client early on.

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