Top Marketing Trends in 2017

(January 17, 2017) – 2016 was a time of social media, and keeping up with constantly changing trends. As Instagram and Snapchat advanced in the video marketing field, it is apparent that video will continue to become more popular and powerful in 2017. With that said, it is time to get out of the age of just posting written content and develop strategies through the latest content marketing trends.

What is the Best Social Media for Marketing?

With so many social media platforms to choose from, it can be difficult for a business to know exactly which platform will work best. One thing is for sure: video goes well with written content. If you are skeptical about using video and other social media platforms, it is understandable, but as more people become dependent on the Internet, pictures, and reviews, it’s imperative that your business rank very highly in organic and local search results. Land on page two, and you are living in Google’s version of no man’s land.

What Social Media should I use for my Business?

Though Facebook and Twitter will continue to be the go-to, Instagram and Google+ will become more of a platform for businesses to display video and other published content. Having content on Google+ is not only beneficial for gaining views from followers, but it also helps with Google rankings. Yes, Google loves when you use Google+ and you will see some perks from that.  Trust us—every little bit helps!

How do you use Social Media to Promote your Business?

Instagram may feel like a trend for millennials, but it has created an advertising platform for businesses. In many cases, companies have used the media outlet for branding and advertising on the news feeds. While others find it a great way to connect with their demographics as well as to network,. When you live in a world where everyone now “likes” and live streams their daily activities, it is a no-brainer that businesses also need to take part in this trend. This isn’t saying to live stream everything, and a Snapchat a day will keep the bad rankings away. Yet, it is important to pick out the media platforms that will work best for your business by carefully weighing the pros and cons of each.  Another important consideration is the frequency of posting.  So whatever platform you choose, make sure to keep up with it and to continue posting original and engaging content.

To help you determine the media platforms that will work best for your business, and to develop a marketing campaign around it, try our Skillman Video Group Consulting & Corporate Training Services.