It’s Here. Our New Website Goes Live

(September 24, 2013) – It may not seem like the paradigm shift it feels like to us, but Skillman Video Group, a Boston video production company, has recently undergone a major brand refresh.

Our website, last renovated in 2009, has been completely rethought, rebuilt, and redesigned from the ground up.

Some notable upgrades are mobile translation compatibility and responsive web design (an approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of monitors and devices), a more intuitive and cleaner design, refined content and brand verbiage, and highly upgraded search engine optimization (SEO) and linking throughout the entirety of the site.

Oh, and of course, a nice and fresh new facelift for our logo. You can see the evolution of our logo below.


This rebuild has taken months and countless man (and woman) hours of trial, error, testing, changing, retesting, optimizing, checking, rechecking, and so on and so forth.

Finally, our website has received the seal of approval and is now live.

We at SVG feel that this website properly portrays the gold standard of form and function that we hold ourselves and our work to, as well as offering a user experience that is simple, intuitive, effective, and beautiful for our clients.

So, take a look around, click away, and see if you’re as impressed with our site as we are!