After Effects Energizes Corporate Video

Adobe_After_Effects_CS6_IconAfter Effects is an animation program created by Adobe, the company that makes the industry-standard software Photoshop, which can be used in countless ways. Some video production professionals use After Effects to animate on-screen text and logos, like you’d see on the nightly news, and others design entire animation sequences using the program. Professional video editors use it to make 2D images seem like they’re 3D. You might remember these animations from The World Wildlife Fund, which by the way illustrate an extremely effective use of social media marketing.

WWF PARALLAX SEQUENCE from Make Productions on Vimeo.

So After Effects is Used to Make Photos Move?

Well, yeah! It can be used to animate 2D images. But, it has dozens of other applications too. You’ve probably watched hundred of videos that were created or augmented in After Effects, and not even realized it. For example, Business Insider has produced dozens of animations that use the tool.

And when considering broadcast Television, virtually every ad that features moving, on-screen text was probably made in After Effects. Like this incredibly popular Verizon spot from last Summer.

Also, incredibly beautiful, sublime art pieces are standard fare for After Effects production. The folks over at the late-night comedy network [adult swim] produced this video last year.

The point is, After Effects is a tool that allows professional video editors to accomplish virtually anything they could imagine. So, why should you, as a business professional looking for a Boston Video Production Crew care about After Effects?

Increasing Value

Contracting a video production crew to either animate or add animated elements to an existing video is a simple, reliable way to increase the value of your video marketing project without worrying about extraneous costs like licensing, permits for shooting, or organizing a shoot. With After Effects animation, the project can be as simple as explaining your idea to the video production professional, signing a contract, and then reviewing the video professional’s work to create a final result.

At Skillman Video Group, we’ve extensively worked with After Effects to give our videos an added sense of care and polish. For example, check out the intro for this video that we produced.

Do you want a sleek, modern looking intro, graphic or animation for your corporate video? You can rely on the Boston video production professional at Skillman Video Group to develop your concept into revenue-generating content.

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