Allure Family Dental Video Shoot

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Last week, Skillman Video Group had a video shoot at Allure Dental. Set up began at 9 A.M. Boston videographer, Chuck Green, brought his lighting equipment, boom microphone, and 4K Sony Camera for the shoot. Skillman Video Group’s CEO and producer Christina Skillman interviewed two people with one cancelation. As a Boston video production company, we were able to extend the interviews and learn a little more about the company.

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The first person to be interviewed Professional Production Interviewwas Erin Kierce. During her interview she mentioned that one of the important messages that she wants her patients to know is that keeping the body healthy leads to healthier teeth. The Carrey Risk Assessment is a term that the company uses which determines whether a patient needs dental health or not. The company wants to prevent cavities, and  to educate their patients better so that they can prevent cavities from forming. One goals of the company, when hiring a dental professional, is that they want the professional to enjoy the work they do by helping people, educating them, and empowering their patients.

Video Production Set Up

Boston video production services

After the first interview was wrapped, there was a brief intermission so that we could set up the next interview. When setting up for interviews, it is important to keep the room organized and prepared so that no time is wasted when the next person comes in. Joanne Dean, a dental hygienist, was up next. Her portion of the interview focused more on her experience. She started working for Allure four and a half years ago, and one of the first principles she learned about the company is prevention matters. One thing that she has always loved about the company is that they always want to provide the best services to their patients. As she stated, “Dental work is the perfect mix of art and science.” As a dental hygienist, she is a proud member of Allure and wants to continue her work of positive change for people.

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