An Intern’s Time at Skillman Video Group

Nearly three months ago I began my work at Skillman Video Group as Internet Marketing Intern. Prior to beginning this internship, I knew I wanted to experience, learn and grow this summer before starting my freshman year in college. To me, the best way to achieve these things and to have a fruitful summer was through attaining an internship with an interesting and passionate group of people who could teach me. I chose to work with Skillman Video Group rather than a mundane yet easy summer job because of the experience it offered. Looking back on all I took part in these last three months, I know I had the rewarding and intellectually stimulating summer I desired.

From the intern's eye: filming an instructional video for ProWindows

From the intern’s eye: filming an instructional video for ProWindows

During my time at SVG I aided in a variety of areas. My main task was to regularly update the blog and social media sites. My blog posts covered many different topics, from a SVG service to a new video marketing trend to an examination of a commercial. I was allowed the freedom to explore and learn. Through writing the blog, I learned about various styles of video marketing, marketing techniques, how to use Internet marketing and how to apply all of these to different types of companies.

When not working on the blog, I continued to write for SVG and learn about video production and Internet marketing. I wrote multiple landing pages for the SVG website. I helped create and send out a press release for a new service, Social Video Marketing.

In addition to writing, I was involved in the actual video production. I aided in producing a video for the new Social Video Marketing service, from writing the script to filming to editing. I attended shoots for SVG where I learned how to set up and breakdown set materials; how to create the perfect image; and the basics of using a high-end video camera.

After my three month internship I now have an abundance of knowledge of and experience in professional video production and marketing, Internet marketing, writing and analyzing, and the business world. I had a wonderful experience at SVG over the past three months and would highly recommend this internship. Thank you Skillman Video Group for giving me this remarkable opportunity!

Julianne Adams