Transformative Learning: An Intern’s Summer at Skillman Video Group

Embarking on a Journey: My Summer Internship at Skillman Video Group

(August 16, 2010) Nearly three months ago, I began my work at Skillman Video Group as an Internet Marketing Intern. Before starting this internship, I eagerly anticipated a summer of growth and learning ahead of my freshman year in college. I sought a hands-on experience that would not only prepare me for my future academic pursuits but also provide insight into the professional world.

Choosing the Path Less Traveled

I opted for an internship at Skillman Video Group over a routine, albeit simpler, summer job because I wanted something that would challenge me and expand my horizons. Reflecting on my time here, I can confidently say that this experience has been both rewarding and intellectually stimulating.

Diverse Experiences in a Dynamic Environment

At SVG, I was given the opportunity to delve into various facets of the business. My primary responsibility was to manage and update the company blog and social media platforms. This task allowed me to explore a wide range of topics, from specific SVG services to emerging trends in video marketing and in-depth analyses of commercials. The freedom to explore these areas enabled me to learn about different video marketing styles, effective marketing techniques, and the intricacies of Internet marketing, which I could then apply to diverse business models.

In addition to my writing duties, I also engaged in video production tasks. I had the unique opportunity to contribute to the creation of a new service offering, Social Video Marketing, where I was involved from the conceptualization stages—writing press releases and crafting landing pages—to the production phase, including scriptwriting, filming, and editing. This hands-on experience was complemented by practical learning on set, where I mastered the setup and breakdown of set materials, learned how to capture the perfect image, and got acquainted with high-end video cameras.

Gaining a Comprehensive Skill Set

My internship did not just enhance my technical skills in video production and Internet marketing; it also honed my analytical abilities and deepened my understanding of the business world. Through real-world applications and mentorship, I gained a comprehensive toolkit that I am eager to leverage in my future career.

A Foundation for Future Success

As I conclude my three-month internship, I leave SVG with a wealth of knowledge and experience that I believe will serve as a solid foundation for my studies and future career endeavors. The time I spent here was truly transformative, offering me insights and skills that I will carry forward.

I am immensely grateful to Skillman Video Group for this exceptional opportunity and would highly recommend this internship to anyone looking to make a significant impact in their professional journey.