SVG Gets Animated with New Real Estate Marketing Project

SVG Crew setting up
SVG Crew setting up

Braving the Storm with Creative Solutions

Despite Boston’s near standstill due to a massive snowstorm this past weekend, nothing could halt the progress at Skillman Video Group.

SVG continued its commitment to innovation and client service by embarking on a fresh project that leverages the power of animation in real estate marketing.

Launching a New Animated Approach

Animated Videos for Real Estate

On February 12, SVG joined forces with real estate experts John & Dan Gollinger to introduce what they describe as the “next generation of real estate marketing.”

This collaboration focused on creating a series of online marketing videos, starting with basic talking head and voice-over formats.

Elevating Content with Advanced Animation

However, SVG is set to take this project beyond traditional formats by employing sophisticated animation techniques.

Utilizing tools like Adobe After Effects, Motion, and Illustrator, our team is crafting animated videos that feature intricate designs and enlightening graphics.

These elements are designed to enhance the presentation of the Gollingers’ innovative business strategies effectively.

Enhancing Visuals with Scenic Inspirations

View from High Rise Apartment in Boston MA
View from High Rise Apartment in Boston MA

The Power of Location

The shooting location itself, the Gollinger Highrise, boasts stunning views of Boston’s South End.

This scenic backdrop not only provided inspiration for the SVG team but also highlighted the luxurious and aesthetically pleasing aspects of the properties showcased in the videos.

The Role of Animation in Modern Marketing

As animated videos continue to dominate commercial and viral marketing landscapes, SVG recognizes the necessity of integrating motion graphics and computer-animated elements into our productions.

This approach not only captures viewers’ attention but also helps explain complex ideas in a visually engaging manner.

Advancing Client Goals with Cutting-Edge Technology

SVG is excited to push the boundaries of traditional real estate marketing by integrating state-of-the-art animation.

This project exemplifies our dedication to providing innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations, ensuring their marketing strategies stand out in a competitive industry.