Arch Painting Client Testimonial

Skillman Video Group, one of the most innovative production companies in Boston, focuses on our commitment to excellence and quick response to clients’ needs. While working on a recruitment video for commercial and residential painting company, Arch Painting, a great opportunity for a client testimonial was presented to them. We were able to make it all happen.

Arch Painting had the opportunity to have TV and radio personality, Christian Fauria, give them a client testimonial. This was a last minute decision, so we took our client through our process as well as we could, given the constraints. Our adaptability and can-do attitude kicked into gear as we made a client testimonial video happen for Arch Painting.

interview on setWe interviewed Christian Fauria in his home, keeping in mind that we needed to be respectful of his time and space. Because Christian is a television personality, he was extremely comfortable on camera. He did not need much preparation and was able to run with the direction we gave him, which was a huge positive for us.

After his interview, we moved to shooting b-roll. Because the paint work on Christian’s house had already been done, we could not bring in painters or stage shots like we did for Arch in the past. Yet, we were still able to get beauty shots of his home. We went above and beyond, using a drone to get the best footage possible.

Editing & Finishing

Once all footage was captured, we were able to go through our usual four rounds of the Editing & Finishing process. In the first round of editing, we analyzed our content and cut down Christian’s interview to find the best bits possible. Moving to the second round, we listened to any feedback from our client and polished up the piece. In the third round, the video really started coming together as we decided on a concept for graphics and added music and b-roll. Arch was careful about the look of the b-roll, so there was a fair amount of back and forth during this round. By the final round, all finishing touches were put in place.

This shoot was a great opportunity for us to really showcase our Boston video production skills and display that we can make anything happen for our client. Even in a short amount of time, Skillman Video Group was able to give our client the final product they wanted, leaving all parties involved extremely satisfied.