Behind the Scenes at the “SEO Guru” Shoot!

Earlier this week, the Skillman Video Group crew ventured to the Middlesex Fells Reservation in Medford in order to shoot a humorous video on SEO and social media. The video stars our very own SEO consultant, Francis McGovern, as “the SEO guru,” a mysterious Internet marketing expert who lives in the woods and speaks in riddles. Also featured are our interns, Zack and Eli, as young professionals confounded by the complexities of online marketing. We worked hard, but also took time to have fun and enjoy the beautiful spring weather!

Although the video is clearly meant to be comical, it does exemplify a problem faced by many business owners. Certain aspects of SEO and social media marketing can be complex, especially to those without extensive technology experience and training. SEO consultants or firms may compound this issue by using a lot of industry jargon, rather than taking the time to explain concepts in a clear, non-technical manner. At Skillman Video Group, we pride ourselves not only on our comprehensive Internet marketing knowledge, but also on our ability to elucidate this information for our clients.

Our team of expert editors is currently hard at work perfecting “The SEO Guru.” Stayed tuned to the Inside SVG Blog, as well as to our Facebook and Twitter pages, to be one of the first to see it!