Behind the Scenes Our How to DIY Shoot

DIY video shootHow-To Video Production

We recently shot our intern video project, which meant it was time for us to use all the skills we have learned throughout the internship. We had gone through the whole pre-production stage of creating our video idea. After brainstorming and scripting our idea we worked to set up a day for the shoot. We chose the shoot date, and decided we were going to shoot at a house to give it the real DIY feel. Our video is focusing on DIY lighting and audio for video production services in your own home. We broke the idea into two separate videos; Jonas with audio and Kristen with lighting. This allowed us to focus all our time on our one subject so that it would get as much thought as the other. We each came prepared on the day of the shoot to speak on our topics and create two “how to” videos for Skillman Video Group’s Youtube Marketing.

How to Setup Lighting for a Video Shoot

We started the morning putting our lights in a three-point lighting system. The DIY part of our lighting was the use of different lights in the house. As part of the prep for the shoot date we searched around for DIY video shoot b-rolldifferent lights that could be used. There are many different lights that could be used to create a three point lighting system, but most of the lights we used were work lights. Painter lights were used to create the key and fill lights that illuminate the subject while also canceling out the shadows. The backlight that brings a little extra to the background of the shot was filled by a drop light. The last two lights we used were two lamps that were attached to the wall in the back behind the subject. Once we setup the lighting we went into the interview. We started with the DIY video on lighting, because we had just set it up it was easy to go over the process. Focusing on the lighting setup and how to cancel out natural lighting if it is too much for the shot. Diffusion was a big topic we focused on as well. It is important to use diffusion in every shoot that you have. Diffusion is a great way to soften the harsh light on the subject. We used a plain white t-shirt as our DIY diffusion, but there are many different things you can use from around the house.

How to Best Record Sound on DSLR

We went straight from lighting to the audio interview. The main prop for this “how to” video was the Zoom sound recorder. The video focused on how to best use your sound recorder with a DSLR camera. Our entire shoot was shot on a DSLR camera, which allowed us to discuss how audio can be recorded on it. There are many different kinds of sound recorders that can be used, and we focused on how to set them up and what plugs and cords they need. There are many different microphones that are used by Boston Video Production Companies. We did not have any of these pieces of equipment so we had to focus on the DIY
side with the small sound recorder. Another part we focused on for audio was ambient sound and how it can affect your shoot at home. There are many different noises that can come from the house. We DIY video shootencountered some with cars driving by and the heat turning on and off. There was also a chance of having the dogs that were in the house making noise. There can be many distractions in a in house setting for your DIY shoot. It is important to take precautions to cancel out the ambient sounds that can come during your shoot.

DIY your own Marketing Video

Our final step, in the video production shoot for our “how to” video, was the B-roll. Our lighting B-roll focused on showing how we setup the different lights and where we placed them around the room. We demonstrated how to cover up the window with blanket and trash bags to cancel out the natural light, and put the t-shirt on the key light for diffusion. Our audio B-roll focused mainly on showing how to attach your sound recorder to the camera that you will be using. We also focused on the different attachments and cords while we put it together on a camera. “How to” Videos are a great tool for many people to learn how to do things. People are searching for them everyday. Our “how to” videos will teach someone how to DIY a video shoot in your own home.

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