Benefits of Using Video at Your Next Trade Show Event!

SVG can help you produce a trade show videoISPE of New England has hired Skillman Video Group, a Boston based video production company, to edit a presentation  video to be displayed at their annual Pharmaceutical trade show at Gillette  Stadium this fall.  This video will be edited onto a DVD and programmed to loop continually over the stadium’s multiple video screens.  Since this is the 2nd year in a row we have been given this honor, we thought it might be a good idea to discuss some of the benefits of using video at your next trade show.

An entertaining and informative trade show video is a powerful tool for building business. It can draw people to your booth and hold them like a magnet until they are ready to talk with you or you are ready to talk with them. Attendees self-qualify to decide whether or not they might want or need your offer and either move on or stay to learn more.  Use it to pre-answer questions, shorten the learning curve and accelerate sales.  People’s eyes are naturally drawn to something moving. They will be drawn to your booth and more engaged with your product or service.

A good trade show video must grab and hold attention, convey your value proposition simply and quickly, and be interesting enough to stand up under multiple viewings.  Below are some general rules of thumb when creating a promotional video:

  1. Use color, movement, compelling imagery, etc. Skillman Video Group believes brevity is the soul of wit, and nowhere is that more evident than in the world of video production. Quality content is all about saying as much in as little time as possible – with precision, clarity, and style. (think context, and short attention spans)
  2. Make sound optional (optional music without narration).  Pick music carefully and consider alternating different tunes so you don’t go loopy from listening to the same song over and over (and over and over).
  3. Have the video loop so you won’t need to keep starting it over (a skilled video editor can program a DVD to loop on its own)
  4. Remember to have a strong call to action so the viewer knows exactly what you want them to do after watching the video (whether it be to speak with a member of your staff at the trade show or submit their business card so you can follow up with them later)
  5. Not all trade show videos need to be all glitz and glamour.  You can edit existing company or product video footage and combine it artfully with text and graphics to make a new shorter looping trade show video as well!
  6. Another benefit of a promotional video  for trade shows is a DVD handout or some other “leave behind” media (such as a thumb drive with your company branding on it). Your DVD/thumb drive could contain a company overview and chapters with more in-depth information about products or services in multiple chapters accessible via menus and buttons. DVD also provides the option of presenting up to eight different audio tracks so you can offer multiple languages. With DVD-ROM, you can include brochures, white papers, order forms, screen savers, etc. to give your prospects everything they might need to want to do business with you…

Skillman Video Group is a Boston Video Production Company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140. Our goal at SVG is simple, to leverage the power of video to help our clients get results.  Contact us today to see how a trade show promotional video can help your business grow.