The Next Big Mobile App?

Best Social Media Apps

The applications on our smartphones reflect our lifestyle. They tell a story about who we are, what we do and what we are interested in. Today, social media apps are by far the most popular and most commonly downloaded mobile apps. This includes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. What makes these apps standout is their marketing potential. Social media marketing is one of the fastest growing and most profitable methods of digital marketing and what makes this unique is that social media is constantly evolving. Social media is always changing and adapting to new technology and trends, so our team at Skillman Video Group can’t help but wonder what is the next big mobile app and how will it affect the Boston video marketing industry?

Top Social Media Platforms

Boston Video MarketingSnapchat: This mobile app is used for instant image messaging popular among millennials and younger users. Snapchat has recently changed it’s official name to “Snap,” a move to create a more youthful and cutting edge brand. Features of the application include custom geofilters, “My Story,” facial filters and most recently a page of professionally curated stories that act as subtle advertisements for various businesses and organizations. This connectivity between user and business will definitely be explored within the next year within the professional video marketing realm. Studies have shown that the most effective way to market to millennials is to use the same platforms that they use to communicate with friends. Businesses marketing to millennials can use snapchat to reach these younger viewers and connect with them through “Stories” that promote the company brand. If your business is B2B or markets to an older, more mature audience, Snap will not reach your audience because most adults don’t use the app. 

Pokémon Go!

This mobile gaming application exploded this summer, with over fifteen million downloads within the first few months of the app’s release Pokémon Go proved to be a tremendous success. The key component of this mobile app is that it provides an immersive augmented reality experience. Users are able to create and character and by physically walking in real life. They are able to travel through the world of the game and encounter wild Pokémon and battle trainers. The success of this applications suggests that users are craving a more integrated and interactive experience. They want to feel engaged with their mobile apps rather than just scrolling through. Through a professional video production lens, this means that businesses will be looking to create more immersive video content that could be used to create an augmented reality feel which will be very lucrative for Boston Videographers.

Social Media Campaign Ideas

2017 is approaching us and our Boston video production team can already tell that it will be a Professional Video Marketing year filled with many new and innovating mobile apps and technologies. We predict that social media will foster more connections between businesses and users. According to recent studies, more time is spent on social media than any other form of media including television or desktop computers. Social media is only going to continue to grow which means that more elite businesses will be integrating their marketing strategies into various social media platforms. If you want to stay relevant you must always be looking out for the next big app.

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