Boston Biomedical Grand Opening!

Boston Bio1

Last Tuesday Skillman Video Group headed to the new Boston Biomedical headquarters in Cambridge. We were asked to shoot their grand opening ceremony where some important people of the company and affiliates would be speaking. At the ceremony there were investors from Japan, top doctors and oncologists in the field, and even an ex Governor. Devall Patrick (the current Governor of Massachusetts) was scheduled to attend, but due to the multiple postponements wasn’t able to make it there.

The ceremony was postponed twice before, once because of a winter storm and another time from the horrific events of the Boston Marathon. This time around, there might have been some overcast, but nothing enough to rain on this parade.

boston bio 2

After filming the ceremoney and the speakers, guests were invited to take a tour of the new building and facilities. At this point, we had to remove the camera from the tripod and walk with the camera in hand.

Boston Biomedical is a very big player in the oncology and cancer research and innovation field of Boston and the world, so naturally we were honored to have been able to work with them.  Skillman Video Group is a Boston Video Production Company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140.