Boston Business Journal Advocates for Video Marketing

Since this blog started back in 2009, our writers have championed online, video marketing. It seems like we were ahead of the curve. In a recent Boston Business Journal article, media gateways and measuring data are among the “5 public relation trends to watch in 2016.”

Media Gateways

Media outlets have multiplied over the years. Whether it is print, broadcast, blogs social media, feeds or mobile devices, the way of receiving information is no longer traditional, according to the Boston Business Journal. However, with increasing numbers on media outlets comes some issues, “There is now complete transparency between respected, fact-based journalism and more prevalent citizen journalism.” There is now an emphasis on opinionated based journalism, leaving many of us wondering where the fact based journal went, and thus creating the challenge of developing content that is well received across diverse outlets. Although the increase in media gateways provides opportunity to reach more consumers, it also makes delivering a message that much more difficult if it is not well received by a specific audience.

Measuring Data

Boston Video MarketingSocial media, and collecting data from sites is an important tool for any marketing campaign. It allows the company to see where traffic is coming from, what videos are being watched and for how long, as well as what is being shared and talked about. Though there are many more tools and information that is provided, some social media sites plan to start charging for specific data. However, “consumer reviews” and “the action itself” are said to be the most looked at measurements. Consumer reviews will focus more on what motivates a buyer in regards to looking at social media or a news site as well as what story lines attract the most attention. Instead of trying to draw attention to an ad campaign the goal has switched to generating a relationship with the consumer. Along with that comes the evaluation of success. The Boston Business Journal predicts, “measurement in general will become a massive focus as many struggle to locate APIs or third-party solutions to evaluate campaign reach and effectiveness.”

Although technology is constantly changing the way we view and receive information, one thing is for sure about 2016, marketing will be based on “traditional methods” such as business success, story telling, personal relationships, and conversations versus share count, according to the Boston Business Journal. SVG doesn’t have to change a whole lot when it comes to the top marketing trends for they take pride in the traditional methods of developing a story and establishing a relationship with their customers. Yet, SVG is constantly evolving to stay on trend with video production and video marketing while also providing the best experience and campaign for its customers.

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