Boston Startups that Are Doing Well On Social Media

Boston TerrierAt Skillman Video Group, we pride ourselves on helping our clients connect with new consumers or businesses through Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. But our track record doesn’t mean we’re the only Boston based video marketing and production company that’s effectively tackling the social media challenge. We’ve put together a quick list of some Boston-based businesses that have received a lot of attention from the public and other businesses, because of its impressive social media work.

Okay, Runkeeper, the self explanatory fitness tracking app, was founded in 2008, so maybe it’s a misnomer to call it a “start up.” What’s important is that the app has consistently ranked near the top of the App Store’s “Top Apps by Revenue” and “Top Paid Applications” since 2013. Maybe Runkeeper’s Facebook page that proudly displays near 300,000 likes has something to do with that indisputable success.


A cool concept for an era defined by 140 characters, Spritz condenses long form news articles into smaller articles that can be quickly read. Spritz deserves some recognition not only for its accomplishments on social media, those accomplishments consisting of: over 80,000 likes on Facebook, consistent Facebook engagement, and over 16,ooo Twitter followers, but also for transforming a Yiddish word into a trendy brandname. By the way, the company launched its app barely two years ago.

Rethink Robotics

Rethink Robotics, a Boston based robotics company that help design a produce robots for existing and yet-to-be-defined purposes, is on our list not because of an enormous following on social media. Rethink Robotic’s Facebook page has a considerably large following of over 5,000 users. Instead, we think they deserve some credit for how effectively video services their social media needs. Rethink Robotic’s products can be relatively complicated, and challenging to understand without a visual to accompany the written word. But the videos on the company’s Facebook page make their product’s purpose immediately apparent to those watching.

These fresh Boston businesses have been doing a great job on social media, and succesful video marketing campaigns designed for social media have helped them. We here at Skillman Video Group adore creating that are specifically designed for social media to promote Boston based businesses.

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