Efficiency in a Boston Video Production Shoot

(July 28, 2016) – At a recent Boston video production shoot, Skillman Video Group filmed a basic interview-style clip that proceeded very smoothly over the course of a three-hour time period.

This was an excellent opportunity to see how an efficient and professional production day runs when working with people who come prepared, ready to get the job done.

SVG’s video production services were required in the Back Bay area of downtown Boston for this interview to be filmed.

Getting all the equipment out of the car was a little difficult on the busy streets of Boston, but with the production assistant and videographer working fluidly, all the lighting and camera bags were unloaded and moved inside with ease.

Once inside the building, our team went upstairs to the company’s personal studio, which had a perfectly assembled ceiling and floor green screen.


This was going to make the interview setup a lot easier for the production crew because no external green screen would need to be placed behind the interviewee.

Once the crew was settled in, there was a two-hour time period to set up all the lighting, audio, and visual camera equipment before the talent was to arrive.

This may seem like a lot of time to some, but it is necessary to have ample time to set up and get the perfect lighting.

Due to the green screen in the room being installed, there was also mounted lighting, which made the set-up process more resourceful.

The lighting required for this interview was standard 3-point lighting, so once all the mounts were assembled and tested, we could move onto audio.

The audio on this production shoot just contained a lavalier microphone and a shotgun microphone to capture all voice recordings. This was an easy set-up that didn’t last more than 15 minutes to calibrate.

In total, the set-up time took a little over an hour, giving the crew some time to sit down before the interview subject arrived.

Having a well-run Boston production company that works diligently and professionally is something SVG prides itself on.


Right on schedule, the talent stepped in and was clipped into his microphone.

He was prepared to be on camera answering the various questions for an hour, which is a good amount of time to have just in case some answers needed to be repeated.

Having the lighting, audio, and camera set up prior to his arrival made the transition to filming quick.

The talent ended up being eloquent and well prepped for his interview, so the actual on-camera time clocked in at 20 minutes, making our video marketing company’s job that much easier.

This was a great example of a clean production shoot that was well organized and prepared to make everyone’s day that much easier.