Boston Videography for the Jensen-Group

boston videographySVG had the opportunity to utilize a drone to capture aerial footage of the Jensen laundry plant last week.  Having waited for the New England foliage to cover the landscape in vibrants reds, oranges, and yellows, the team met with the Jensen Group to prepare for two full days of shooting for this upcoming month and headed outside once the weather broke.

A true day to play with creative and beautiful shots, the crew used a Dana Dolly to capture sliding shots and experimented with different rack focuses on the carpet of leaves tucked around the factory. The drone was also shooting in 4K raw, so we were sure to pick up the gorgeous season change.

Autumn in New England can be tricky, videography It’s midway through October, and the trees are only now starting to turn, many blooming for only a day or so before losing their leaves for the winter. Hiring a Boston videographer is definitely the right choice when filming this evasive season in the area. While New England is certainly known for having a truly breathtaking Fall, it requires a “seasoned” eye to know the right time to strike.

Boston video producers are often tasked with identifying this exact period between summer and winter when autumn is at its height, but this is just as unpredictable as Boston itself. The only true way to be ready when Fall strikes is to be observant, pay attention to day-to-day temperature changes, and know when the time has arrived to get up and go. Having the gear ready outside the plant allowed the team to obtain footage of the Jensen plant decorated in these lovely leaves. IMG_2979

Telling the story behind Jensen isn’t a difficult task when its history dates back to 1937. Starting a Boston corporate video in the midst of a Boston autumn was a great way to kick off a successful campaign!

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