Brand Video Shoot for Cambridge Sound Management

Skillman Video Group recently took a trip down to the Waltham office of Cambridge Sound Management, where we started production on two web videos marketing their QtPro Sound Masking System. The QtPro is a device designed to help make open offices into safe and distraction-free spaces. It produces a sound similar to that of an air conditioner that targets the frequency of the human voice and dulls its audibility. The conversation in the next cubicle becomes less intrusive and sensitive material remains private.

It was a full-day shoot with interviews scheduled throughout the day. We shot five interviews with members from across the company, including everyone from the CEO to engineers and sales people. Our video producers make sure they’ve to each one of them in advance to ensure that they all felt comfortable and knew what to expect. It’s critical that subjects feel comfortable when they’re on camera in order for them to be personable and engaging.


The whole day was spent on our director of photography’s Canon C-300 camera with a variety of lenses, each used to create the best image in whatever situation we found ourselves. We also used several microphones to ensure we had clean and crisp audio for every moment. We had a hyper-cardio mic mounted on the camera, a dynamic mic overhead and a wired lapel mic attached to the subject. For lighting we had traditional tungsten lighting, but the main tool was LED panels. They provide great adjustable light and don’t heat up. This meant it was easy for us to finish and move quickly without having to worry about cooling lights, and they didn’t heat up the room, helping keep everyone comfortable.


After we were done with interviews we started filming a product video in which one of the sales people walked us through their line of products. It’s always a challenge to make a pitch to the camera without any feedback, affirmation, or any other form of  interaction. It’s a very different experience, but taking the time to get it right will help ensure we get the result we are looking for.

Video Shoot

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