Cambridge Sound Management Client Testimonial

Boston Video Production Services

Skillman Video Group a Boston video production was recently asked to shoot and edit a client testimonial for a long time client (since 2014), Cambridge Sound Management. Cambridge Sound Management is a company that specializes in sound masking with the goal to “increase speech privacy and reduces noise distractions” in open office environments; thus, allowing for a more productive and private work environment. When they were looking to update some of their video content, Cambridge Sound Management contacted the Boston video producers at SVG.

Testimonial Video

These sound devices allow employees to feel more comfortable in their work environments. Employees in an office environment no longer have to worry about loud conversations or being overheard while they are working. These devices allow people to focus on their task without interruption. Without them, certain design elements like wood, glass, and metal, are materials that amplify noises are silenced considerably. This allows for an office to then become less rowdy, less distracting, and creates a more professional setting. What is great about this technology is instead of having an office that is enclosed with borders for each desk, this opens space for an environment to be less crowded and appear more open to noise.

Boston Professional Videographer

When Cambridge Sound Management contacted Skillman Video Group to update their video content for a client testimonial. The Director of  photography, Chuck Green from SVG was hired to interview the client testimonies. Chuck used a Sony fx7 to record the footage. He shot for half of the day recording for four to five hours. Our professional videographer shot two interviews and recorded B-roll around the office for the video. Using the three-point light system to fill the subject and to provide the perfect backdrop, he was able to get the job done efficiently. Being able to have flexibility for a video shoot shows that Skillman Video Group can adapt to situations if the client wants it. No matter how large a video shoot needs to be, Skillman video group can adapt and will accommodate for any company.

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