Lumiere "Cinematograph" advertisement from 1896. Technology has come a long way.

How much do you know about: HD, DV, 4-4-4, 7D, 4K, 3300º, 3-2 pulldown, DVX 100, DigiBeta,1080i, 1080p, DSLR, f5.6, hyperfocal distance, 640×480, SECAM and NTSC? It’s not a quiz so you won’t be graded. Luckily professional cameramen do know these things and more.

Cameramen and cinematographers live for technology. I have had lunch with camera departments on film sets and been completely lost in shop talk. I sometimes think camera technology is all they talk about. But that’s exactly what camera operators and cinemetographers have to do: discuss and test new equipment every day. There are at least a dozen magazines for cinematographers and videographers and limitless forums and websites.

Digital video technology changes so often that it’s nearly impossible to keep up, unless it’s your full time job. That’s why production houses like Skillman Video Group exist: so you don’t have to purchase and learn new technology every week. Video experts can choose the most appropriate camera equipment to use for your shoot. Do you want a cinematic look or a TV look? Will you be distributing solely on the web or do you need DVD’s? Skillman Video’s cameramen know their craft and how best to apply their knowledge to your video.