Cameras Rolling: Skillman Video Group’s SEO Video Shoot

SEO Video ShootWhy Shoot Videos?

After a period of pre-production planning, last week at Skillman Video Group, we shot a series of videos where we offered tips on SEO.  The intent of the shoot was to build additional video content, add a little juice to our SEO, and answer questions that people may be asking in a conversational, human way.  Video content is a surefire way to help with your online efforts overall.  In this day and age, a portfolio brimming with video content is a true sign of dedication and professionalism, creating a greater sense of trust and authority.  And how did our shoot go?  While there may have been a few speed bumps along the way, we accomplished exactly what we set out to do.

Making a Lot Out of a Little

Normally on our video shoots, we have a larger budget, more time, and greater access to equipment, but this time around, we weren’t working with a client.  We did this for ourselves, meaning we had to work with what was readily available.  We shot the videos in our office, which offered little space, but we were able to make the most out of it.  After we had arrived for the shoot, we began to prepare.  The equipment that we had was set up, from the two cameras (it makes cutting so much easier) to the lights to the sound recorders.  A lot of light was coming in from one of the windows in the room, and the blinds wouldn’t do, so we had to quickly come up with a way to stop the light from pouring in.  We found a cardboard box that was lying around the office, broke it down, and used gaffer tape (you have no idea how often it comes in handy) to block the window.  While improvising and “jerry-rigging” aren’t exactly ideal, they can be a great way to get around a low budget, and we were resourceful enough to do our very best despite some constraints.

3-2-1 Action!

Being on camera may sound easy enough, but, take it from us, it’s harder than it looks.  If you’ve never been on camera, it can be difficult at first.  Your SEO Video Shootnerves may take hold of you or you may get tongue-tied, even if you’re talking about something that you’re knowledgeable about.  Camera jitters can happen to anyone, and it’s best if you go in knowing that there will be more than a handful of takes.  We ended up shooting six videos in total, each focusing on a different topic (“Which Video Hosting Site Should I Use,” “The Future of Search Engines,” etc.).  We wanted the videos to feel conversational, so we left them unscripted, only working from talking points and our own passion and expertise.  At the end of the day, despite a few road blocks here and there, we accomplished what we set out to do.  We were left with a ton of footage to work with, but just because the cameras stop rolling doesn’t mean that the work stops.  We have a lot ahead of us in terms of post-production, from editing and graphics to developing landing pages for the videos.  Skillman Video Group is a Boston area video production company that understands the importance of SEO and video content in the world of online marketing.   Skillman Video Group LLC is a Boston video production company. Call us anytime at 617-858-8232.