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Last week, Skillman Video Group was on location at Carney Law Firm to produce a corporate branding video intended to advertise the law firm’s mission, team and services offered. We shot the video on location at their office near South Station in downtown Boston. Luckily, there was no snow or rain, which meant we could take full advantage of the downtown real estate and provide some dramatic scenery and backdrops for the Carney lawyers to act out their “hero shots”.

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Upon stepping inside the office, we quickly realized it was going to be a tight for our experienced professional video production team. Setting up the equipment was tedious and our options for choosing where we shot without repeating our backgrounds were limited. So we needed to be creative when it came to staging our interviews and scenes. By using different angles and various lenses, we were able to make the space seem larger on camera. All of the interviews and natural shots of the lawyers working portray different backgrounds, which adds depth and visual variances that enhance the video with pleasing aesthetics and visual variety.

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Another way we were able to create these visual variables was using the downtown scene outside Boston video production, professional video production, corporate branding videothe office. As a Boston video production company, we are always happy to take full advantage of our beautiful city. Though it was cold, we were able to capture gorgeous and dramatic scenes in which the lawyers were walking together, alone, or strategizing with each other about a current case they are working on. These specific shots may have taken some extra work and an endurance of frigid temps, but having this kind of access to such powerful scenery needs to be taken advantage if at all possible, and so we endured. As a professional video production team, we knew it was worth it.  

Setting up Interviews

For each lawyer at Carney Law, we set up an interview to delve into their mission and personal stories about coming into law. From previous experiences as a Boston video production company, we understand that interviews are an effective way for a company to get their message and mission out to the public in a personable way. And so, our intention with the interviews was to explicate the reasons that Carney is passionate about their clients and work, and why the Boston video production, professional video production, corporate branding videoclients can trust in them when dealing with injuries on the job. In these interviews, questions such as “How did you first get involved with job-related injury law?”, “What makes this specific type of law important, or not so gimmicky as we may see on television commercials?” The answers that followed portrayed the importance of this specific law practice and the delicate measures that Carney Law takes with each of its clients that effectively add substance to this corporate branding video.

The other major aspect of the shoot was creating a mock consultation scene. We hired an actor to portray a client and two staged two of their lawyers to play out a consultation discussing the client’s case. This as well will provide a clear representation of the law firm’s services and dedication to their work and clients.

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Boston video production, professional video production, corporate branding videoAs a Boston video production team, we know our ways around setting up clear and effective interviews. What we don’t always know is the exact setting in which we are working with and how to best utilize the space and people on camera. Which is why adaptability is key in this business. At Carney, it was a tight space, though we were able to provide a sleek and varied visual aesthetic that will translate to viewers the professionalism and dedication that Carney has for its clients. If you are needing a professional video production team to capture your latest corporate branding video, SVG has proven ability to capture your story in compelling ways.

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