CEO Video Marketing


This week, Skillman Video Group was given the chance to spend a morning with the CEO of Clough Capital Partners, L.P. to create a marketing video.  The goal was simple: to answer investors’ frequently asked questions using a video format.

The shoot had our director (and SVG’s CEO/Creative Director), Christina Skillman, ask the CEO questions about investments in China, naturally followed by his responses.  He wanted to give his investors a quick and easy way to have their questions answered.

It got us thinking – why don’t more people do this?

Think about it, rather than wasting some of your day answering the same questions again and again, you can make a video and put it up to help all parties involved.  This shoot took less than three hours to set up, shoot and break back down.  It was a simple set-up of a one-shot with the CEO looking slightly off-camera in an interview style.  With three lights and one camera, the set-up was very easy.  There was no set dressing involved and only the beautiful Boston skyline was used as a backdrop.  There was also no need to hire any actors or extras.  It was just the CEO and the camera.  Simple.

Here is our before and after photos of the office.  We only really needed lights to help balance out the sun streaming in through the windows.

CEO office


Many believe the myth that video production is a long and tedious process that is not worth the time or money.  While video production can certainly be a long process more often than not, as you can see from our video shot with Clough Capital, it can sometimes be quick, easy, and, ultimately, beneficial.

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