Changes in Photography

light spectrum

(August 6, 2014) – Like all other technologies, photography has featured innovations and advancements over the years.

From the size of the camera to the digital movement, photography has become easier for the average user.

Currently, photography is going through a new transition, thanks to the Lytro Illum. This camera and the technology it represents have the potential to improve user quality.

Cameras of the past have captured images through pixels, but this new breed of photography is much more forgiving, as it captures rays of light. To the user, this means that a photograph can be refocused after it has been taken. Not only that, but objects can be slightly adjusted to give the photo a different perspective.

While this technology is still in its infancy, it offers promise for videography in the future.

Imagine being able to refocus a scene in a movie after the actor accidentally walks out of focus. The possibilities are vast, and it is an interesting idea to think about. With technology in the video production field rapidly changing, it is important to notice the trends early on. What this camera can do may well be the next trend.