Client Testimonial Shoot for Crown Uniform & Linen Service

client testimonial shoot at dentist officeEarlier this month the Boston Video Producers at Skillman Video Group, LLC completed a client testimonial shoot for Crown Uniform and Linen Service out of Brockton MA.  The professional video production shoot entailed 1 pre-production meeting, a 1/2 day shoot at Chang Dental Group in Natick MA and full editing of the interview with b-roll, music and graphics.

Pre-production Process

SVG producers first met with the participants to make sure everyone was prepared and on the same page prior to the shoot date. These pre-production meetings are essential for planning/logistics and typically last for an hour – perhaps two.

These meetings serve multiple purposes: a) they help provide a sense of comfort and trust between the interviewee and producer going into the interview b) they allow the SVG video producers to scout shoot locations ahead of time to prepare the shooters and production crews so they know what to expect and what equipment to bring c) these meetings allow the producer to educate the client on what to expect the day of the shoot and answer any questions or concerns face to face.

After this meeting the Producer and/or Director will develop a list of interview questions as well as a shoot schedule and shot list in preparation for the actual shoot day.

Boston Video Production Crew

The video shoot went smoothly as the Director/Producer, Director of Photography and production assistant first set up for the interview, then quickly broke down and transitioned for shooting “b-roll” around the dental office. We captured the lobby area, various procedures and sterilization/imaging technology.  Since this is a working dental office seeing actual patients we had to be very careful to leave as small a footprint as possible and not interrupt their daily operations. The client wanted to show interaction between Doctors/hygienists with their patients as well as to showcase their state of the art imaging technology. All of this had to be handled with great care and efficiency.

Post-production Process

Next phase of the project was to enter post-production.  SVG’s approach to editing is to first start with the narrative. Our Boston video editors first worked to get the hour long Boston video crewsinterview down to 3 – 5 minutes. From there the client further whittled it down to 2 minutes. Once the narrative was settled, SVG editors worked to add music, b-roll and graphics.

At SVG we are very aware that when asked to shoot Client testimonial videos, we are dealing with the client of our client. As such we strive to maintain the highest level of professionalism and efficiency to get us in and out of there as quickly as possible!

Testimonial videos are a powerful tool for generating new leads.  Peer to peer reviews help business build trust and rapport BEFORE potential clients reach out for more information.  When you combine the power of a client testimonial with the power of video and the ability for the audience to see your product or service in operation (while hearing your clients sing your praises), you create a powerful marketing tool that is usable on a myriad of formats including your web site, YouTube, social media accounts or email marketing.

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