Construction Testimonial for Fontaine Brothers

Boston video production company, Skillman Video Group, centers our core values around determination and delivering a WOW experience no matter what. Construction company, Fontaine Brothers, came to us with a client testimonial video to complete in less than a week. Given the short time constraints, we were dedicated to their needs and took them through our production process the best we could.

Because of the unusual circumstances, we did not sit down for our typical Discovery and Strategy meetings to develop key messages. However, there was a fair amount of planning for crew and talent on both sides. We would be shooting at Nelson Place Elementary School, so everyone had to be in the right place at the right time.

Fontaine interview

On the production day, we traveled to the school for a shoot with the principal, Monica Poitras. Fontaine Brothers wanted a creative director present to help ask the interview questions and make sure they were getting the right footage. So, we coached Monica Poitras for the interview on the morning of the shoot. She was extremely comfortable on camera, which was a huge help. Our experience with navigating interviews over the years helped us develop interview questions to ask on the fly in order to produce a compelling, seamless piece. We did not have permission to film the school or any students, so we were not able to acquire b-roll ourselves.

Because the final draft of the testimonial was due the day after our shoot, the Editing & Finishing process was also untraditional. We edited the first draft of the video immediately after shooting and sent it to our client for feedback. There was no time for an animator to come in, so Fontaine Brothers provided us with the logo they wanted, as well as still images of the school to take the place of b-roll.

Our heroics and experience allowed us to get the job done in just four short days. Although crunched for time, we are very satisfied with the final client testimonial video. Most importantly, our client was thrilled too! If you are interested in working with us, Boston video production agency, Skillman Video Group, contact us at [email protected].

Construction Testimonial for Fontaine Brothers: