A Four-Day Video Production Sprint: How Skillman Video Group Delivered a Client Testimonial Under Pressure

Fontaine interview

At Skillman Video Group, our commitment to delivering exceptional results, even under tight deadlines, is unwavering.

When construction company Fontaine Brothers approached us with a client testimonial video request that needed to be completed in less than a week, we embraced the challenge head-on.

Adapting the Process: A Streamlined Approach

While our typical process involves in-depth discovery and strategy phases, the urgency of this project demanded a more streamlined approach.

We skipped the formal meetings and dove straight into planning, collaborating closely with Fontaine Brothers to coordinate crew and talent schedules.

Our goal was to maximize efficiency without sacrificing quality.

The Shoot: On-the-Spot Coaching and Creative Interviewing

With the shoot taking place at Nelson Place Elementary School, we had to work quickly and efficiently.

Fontaine Brothers requested the presence of a creative director to guide the interview and ensure we captured the right footage.

Our director coached Principal Monica Poitras on the morning of the shoot, leveraging her natural on-camera charisma to elicit authentic and compelling responses.

Years of experience navigating interviews allowed us to develop questions on the fly, tailoring them to Poitras’s responses and maintaining a seamless flow.

While we couldn’t film the school or students due to permissions, our focus on the interview allowed us to extract the heart of the testimonial.

A Race Against Time: Post-Production in Hyperdrive

With the final video due the day after the shoot, post-production became a whirlwind of activity.

We edited the first draft immediately after filming, sending it to Fontaine Brothers for feedback.

Time constraints prevented us from utilizing animation, but we incorporated the provided logo and still images of the school to enhance the visuals.

Triumph Over Tight Timelines

Thanks to our team’s dedication, experience, and resourcefulness, we successfully delivered the final client testimonial video within the four-day deadline.

Despite the challenges, we’re proud of the compelling final product and, more importantly, our client was thrilled with the results.