Corporate Training Video with Coverys

(October 25, 2017) – This past week, Skillman Video Group was asked to facilitate in creating a corporate training video for Coverys, a company specializing in medical malpractice insurance.

For the past five years, Coverys has seen dramatic change and growth, which has called for new and extensive training strategies for its employees. As the changes began to take place, they sensed a need to adapt in the ways they were educating new employees and needed a quick and effective way to reach their employees across all locations.

Their solution was a sequence of recorded and informative interviews with current employees about procedures, experiences, and technicalities within the medical malpractice insurance world.

corporate training video production

In their downtown Boston office, SVG assembled and recorded informative and insightful interviews from multiple Coverys employees for this most recent corporate video idea of theirs.

Some questions were asked to get the interviewee feeling comfortable, and as the conversation progressed with each employee, more technical questions such as “What are the key differences between excess and surplus lines versus traditional risk transfer?” were discussed.

In the end, our Boston video production services were able to capture an engaging and authentic presentation that Coverys intends to train its employees across all locations by using the answers and insights from these instructive interviews.

Coverys originally sought out Boston Video production services earlier in 2017. After over 20 options were given to them, they finalized on SVG. Why? Because they appreciated the organic and in-depth pre-production process that SVG prides itself on.

The interactions with the Coverys employees started long before the actual shoot day. SVG inquired beforehand with research, questions, and a genuine relationship, allowing for a thorough understanding of the company’s vision and direction behind the project.

This interpersonal approach was clearly visible when it came to shoot day. The creative director of SVG was not a stranger to the employees and interviewees, which made the interviews and overall experience more like a friendly discussion between two health insurance professionals than an interview for a training video.

In the end, this was the vision Coverys had for this corporate video idea—a conversational approach to a hefty and sometimes tedious subject to educate its employees.

how to make a good training video

Another aspect of this shoot that made the day a success was the attention to technical detail.

As a successful Boston video production team with years of experience in video production services, we knew that the setting, lighting, and positioning all had to be stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

Coverys offices are based in downtown Boston, with expansive views of high rise buildings all around. SVG knew that by taking advantage of these views, Coverys was not only expressing geographical location but also a sense of authority and success within the insurance world.

Such positioning would pose a challenge to creating a well-lit scene on camera, but these shots offered too great a background to let go unused. The camera shots were all shot from different windows to capture the authoritative real estate while also providing various visually stimulating backdrops for the viewers.

This meant that lights, stands, and equipment had to be shifted and moved between each interview, which felt tiresome but proved essential.

In the end, the team put in the extra work and was able to create beautiful compositions across all the interviews.

Coverys understood that they were in the midst of immense change and growth, not only in their own company but also in the insurance world.

Strategically, they sought innovative ways to inform and train their own employees as a means of preparing them for their roles within the company.

SVG tackled the corporate video idea with one basic question in mind: “Why does this matter?”

By analyzing and weighing the different options to present the material, proving it mattered required that the employees were informed, it was professionally conversational, and the shots were visually appealing.

SVG provided Coverys with a viable means of training its employees through a foundational conversation, intending for it to continue and evolve throughout their internal workforce.