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Coverys initially asked Skillman Video Group to capture their latest corporate training video earlier this past fall. The video consisted of a number of interviews with current employees discussing different and technical topics in medical insurance. The first shoot day consisted of 8 interviews.  Our second shoot day consisted of two more employee interviews and an interview with the CEO of Coverys. Boston video production servicesThe interviews were designed to inform, teach, and explain new strategies to its employees. In doing this, Coverys was aiming to train its employees on how to better explain and describe current policies to clients and how the evolution of the company has affected these strategies. They chose video as the medium to explain this as it is the quickest way of giving this sort of information to a company with employees spread over the nation.  As a reputed Boston video production company, we ensured that the content and display for this training video was not only effectively informing, but also compelling. With years of experience in video production services,we knew exactly how to effectively create and produce the idea that Coverys was aiming for with this project. 

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On this second day, we mimicked the strategies used when shooting the first interviews. We shot in the same board room above downtown Boston. This time though the sun shined a little brighter making a window shot a bit more complicated. In order to capture the subject and the background in Best Boston video production companiescomplementary ways, we needed the help of neutral density gel. By lining the window we were shooting out of, we effectively captured the subject and the background in full form.

As well as interviewing two of the current employees, we interviewed the CEO of the medical insurance company. With experience in video production services specific to interviews, SVG understands that when in the process of creating interviews, it is important to remember the point of why the client is doing this, and what they want to get across to their target audience. In this case, it was to train and Corporate video production companyinform current and new employees about the technicalities of changing processes and how employees across separate branches can better understand them in order to be able to explain them to clients. As a Boston video production company, we can understand the cruciality of needing a team on the same page. With this in mind, our questions were aiming to do just that- ensure the Coverys employees were on the same page. How is Coverys changing? How is the medical insurance world changing? And how does this affect employees and clients and the ways we sell our services?  Hearing the CEO answer these questions and discuss how he believes the company has changed and explaining the different ways that Coverys has evolved over the years in comparison to other medical insurance companies is significant commentary for the training video and for the mentality of the employees. Hearing from the chief describe these changes and how to best implement them in roles and client relations is a powerful way for any company to lean into the changes of a market and ensure all employees are educated on how to be effective within those changes.  

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The two days that SVG had to shoot this corporate training video required a great attention to detail, top-notch prioritizing, and a diligent dedication that only an experienced group in video production services could have accomplished. When it came to shooting, technical aspects were thoroughly strategized in order to accomplish the highest quality of visuals while using windows as a background. Apart from the visuals was the content. We knew that in order for this corporate training video to truly affect the Coverys workforce, the content needed to be useful, authentic, and clear. With this in mind, from the pre-production interpersonal strategy to the on-set interactions, SVG upheld this aspect of the project knowing that the finished product would benefit from this the most. When it comes to your next big corporate training video, be sure to keep in mind SVG as your Boston video production team to see those big ideas through with eloquence and dedication.

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