Evolution Through Education: Coverys’ Corporate Training Video

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In the fast-paced world of medical insurance, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Coverys, a major player in the industry, recognized the need to adapt their training strategies to keep their nationwide workforce informed and aligned.

To achieve this, they enlisted Skillman Video Group (SVG) to create a comprehensive corporate training video.

A Two-Day Shoot to Capture the Essence of Change

The first shoot day focused on capturing the insights of eight employees, delving into the technical aspects of medical insurance and the company’s evolving strategies.

The second day saw interviews with two additional employees and, crucially, the CEO of Coverys.

Empowering Employees Through Video

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The primary goal of the training video was to educate employees on new policies and procedures, equipping them to effectively communicate these changes to clients.

Coverys recognized the power of video as a medium to disseminate information quickly and efficiently to their geographically dispersed workforce.

Crafting Compelling and Informative Content

SVG approached the project with a keen eye for detail, ensuring that the video was not only informative but also engaging.

The team understood the importance of presenting the content in a way that resonated with employees, making it easier for them to absorb and apply the information in their roles.

Overcoming Technical Challenges

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The second shoot day presented a unique challenge: the bright sunlight streaming through the boardroom windows.

To maintain a balanced and visually appealing shot, SVG employed neutral density gel to regulate the light entering the camera.

This allowed for the perfect blend of subject and background, showcasing the stunning Boston skyline without compromising the quality of the interview footage.

Aligning with Coverys’ Vision

SVG’s experience in producing corporate videos shone through in their approach.

They understood the importance of aligning the video’s content with Coverys’ overall goals and target audience.

By asking targeted questions about the company’s evolution, the changing landscape of medical insurance, and the impact on employees and clients, SVG ensured that the video addressed the specific needs of Coverys’ workforce.

The CEO’s Perspective: A Powerful Message

The interview with the CEO of Coverys proved to be a pivotal moment in the video.

Hearing directly from the top about the company’s transformation and the strategies for navigating the changing market landscape was invaluable for employees.

This authentic and direct communication from leadership reinforced the importance of embracing change and adapting to new challenges.

A Collaborative Success Story

The two-day shoot was a testament to SVG’s dedication, attention to detail, and technical expertise.

The team successfully navigated the complexities of capturing high-quality visuals and ensuring that the content was both informative and engaging.

Through close collaboration with Coverys, SVG delivered a corporate training video that not only met but exceeded the company’s expectations.