Customer Training Videos

Education is important in the Video Production industry. So much so that Skillman Video Group views customer training video content as another opportunity for production companies to produce their most successful work for any client.

High-Quality Content

Before creating training videos for clients, a video production company must recognize the dynamics of making this type of video for a current client.

Christina Skillman, Creative Director of Skillman Video Group, notes that it is important from a marketing and branding perspective to produce a video of high quality.

This makes sure that your company remains professional in the eyes of your client but also helps form a strong connection between company and client.

In other words, if you provide high-quality training content, it is more likely that your client will be compelled to put quality time into viewing that content. 

Customer Training Videos 1

Easy to Follow Model

When thinking about how to create videos that best educate and train your client, you should follow a simple motto: less is more.

By providing overly complicated and overly detail-oriented videos, your client may become overwhelmed and confused. This is completely counterproductive to the training process.

Instead, training video content should be short and to the point. This way, the client knows exactly what is being taught and can retain the most important information.

It needs to be effectively laid out and communicated in very simple and easy-to-follow steps.

And it needs to be nice to look at and easy to listen to.

Positive User Experience

By providing engaging content, a company is creating a positive user experience.

This most likely means a client will be excited to work with your company and establishes a strong relationship moving forward for both current and future projects.

You’re cultivating a relationship with your customer base and you’re setting the tone for what it’s like to work with you. 

Remember, just think about your audience.

It’s all about them. It’s not about you.