Cybersecurity Company Client Testimonial

Cybersecurity Company Client Testimonial 1

Attaching a lavalier microphone.

Companies rely on their customers for revenue; a strong customer base is what allows your company to flourish. But customers and clients can also serve as a robust marketing tool. At the receiving end of your goods or services, your customers provide an outside perspective, and the public trusts them to speak impartially about your company.

A video client testimonial can serve as a way of relating the benefits of your company to your market through one of their peers. In addition to feeling more personal, a video testimonial is more natural than text and feels authentic, especially since Skillman Video Group does not script our videos.

This Friday, we filmed a client testimonial with cybersecurity company Onapsis, interviewing a representative from a pharmaceutical company which had used their services. We have been working with Onapsis since November, and this is the fourth video we have produced for them. Present were director Christina Skillman, director of photography Daniel Jacobs, and intern/production assistant Lydia Gyurina.

Cybersecurity Company Client Testimonial 2

Camera on gimbal.

We filmed in a small conference room with a large window overlooking downtown Boston. We prepared the room by covering the windows with black wrap, or black fabric, to reduce reflections from the room behind us, and adding Astro LED lighting. We shot using a Sony FS7 camera with 4k resolution, which allows for greater flexibility in post-production. The video was relayed to a 19inch Sumo monitor, which allowed us to monitor the details of the shot live.

Because our talent was a native French speaker, we concluded our interview by asking him to answer selected questions in French, which will add texture and additional authenticity to the final video.

Finally, we shot B-roll, or supplementary footage, using a small mirrorless Sony A73 on a gimbal, a handheld device on which the camera is mounted which allows the camera to stay stable and upright throughout movement. Shots included footage of an executive meeting, movement through the office, and employees working at their computers.

In an increasingly screen-based world, video is an excellent way of reaching out to your market on your website, on social media, or at live events. Your company has customers –to attract new ones, consider contacting Boston video production company, Skillman Video Group to take the first steps to produce a client testimonial or your other video marketing needs.