Different Uses for Product Videos in your Social Media & Video Marketing Campaigns

As you work to create informative and engaging content for your social media assets, product videos are a powerful tool to leverage within your Social Media and Video Marketing campaigns. As we have mentioned before, videos can not only help bring people to your site through Social Media channels and optimization, but can also convert those viewers into viable business prospects through the video conversion point. There are various types of product videos which can be created. However, to be successful, a product video should be:

1. Engaging – In addition to being informational, product videos  should be memorable –  If the viewer does not remember it, what’s the point?

2. On-brand – Must be consistent with the product’s brand attributes and brand marketing messages

3. Quality – If the product video is not well produced it will weaken your brand and turn people away from your product as opposed to peaking their interest.

4. Positioned – Has your video been optimized on your site to attract viewers and leverage the power of Search Engine Optimization?  Has it been placed and tagged appropriately on the Social Media sites, such as YouTube, with keywords people are actually searching for?

SVG crew setting up a shot for a product video produced for HolliBalance Well-being Center.

SVG crew setting up a shot for a product video produced for HolliBalance Well-being Center.

To be effective at achieving the above four points, you need to know your audience, since different approaches will be more appropriate for different target groups.  Consumer products need a different approach from B2B product videos for example.  It is also important, when producing a product video to keep in mind what the end use of the video will be.  What may be successful on a Social Media platform may not be as successful at a trade show or for your business’s home page.  The Producers at Skillman Video Group will be able to guide you into the appropriate video type for your target audience and target platform (Social Media, DVD, email marketing campaign etc).  The point is that product videos have a myriad of uses to increase awareness in the marketplace and thereby increasing business.  Call today to schedule a free consultation!